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Thank you Mom’s Meet & Beanfields for partnering with me on this blog post!
A Healthy Snack Option – Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips
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I recently got picked by Mom’s Meet to try out the new Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips. Since I had never heard of the Beanfields brand before, I was excited to try something new for my family! Here is the package that we received in the mail:

So many great choices, I couldn’t wait to try some of them out. The Jalapeno flavor and Pico de Gallo worried me a bit, since I’m a sissy on hot foods of that kind. I can eat wasabi plain, but have a hard time with pepper heat. Weird, I know! 🙂

I decided to pack some in my husband’s lunch the other day and wait to hear what he thought.

I asked him when he got home and he said he really liked them. Said if he had to pick between them and the other “D” brand (name left out, out of respect), he would choose the Beanfields! Wow, really? I was really impressed that he actually liked something that was better for him, and different to what I usually packed! He had another flavor with dinner last night, and liked those, too!

As most of you know, as a Mom, we’re usually always looking for healthier snacks, but sometimes have to deal with very picky kids. DJ is definitely one of those picky kids, so I figured it would be fun to see if Beanfields would be something that he might enjoy. I didn’t say a thing about them and added some of the bags to the table the other night. He picked out the Barbecue flavor and started enjoying them.

Yippee!! My son enjoys them, and like the old Mikey commercials back in the day, it really means that they are good!! We all enjoyed them with our dinner and my husband in his lunch. My family cannot wait to have them again and let others know about how good they were. Thanks Mom’s Meet for introducing me to a healthy snack, that actually tastes great!

Get some to try for your family:

About the Product:

Beanfields Snacks are first and foremost a great tasting snack. In fact, Beanfields Chips have won numerous taste awards! Our distinctive crunch and delicious flavors will make us your anytime, go-to chip. And that’s even before you realize how much better for you they are!

  • 5 grams of protein per serving
  • 6 grams of fiber per serving
  • Contains no major food allergen ingredients
  • They are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, allergy friendly, vegan, and kosher pareve

Beanfields offers seven delicious flavors: Nacho, Sea Salt, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeño Nacho, Black Bean, White Bean, and Barbecue.

Price: 5.5-ounce $3.29-$3.79; 1.5-ounce $1.19-$1.49.

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About the Beanfields Company:

beanfieldsBeanfields started with a big idea—to help change the way people eat by creating delicious and nutritious snacks with mainstream appeal, and using non-GMO ingredients, with beans as the primary ingredient.  Reed Glidden, Beanfields’ founder, is a thirty-year veteran of the Natural Food Industry who founded Choice Sales and Marketing in 1989. As a longtime vegan, Reed wanted a chip made from one of his favorite meals: beans and rice. Liza Braude-Glidden, Reed’s wife, made the company’s very first bean and rice chip in their kitchen. The result was, in one word, epic. Not only did the chips taste great, but the bean and rice combination gave the chips more fiber, protein, and nutrition than typical corn and potato chips.

The couple imagined selling their chips at farmers’ markets and local stores, but quickly discovered the urgent need in the marketplace for a better chip. They knew they had a winning product, so Reed asked his brother, Roy Glidden, to co-found Beanfields. As a seasoned natural foods professional, Roy collaborated with Reed and Liza to create the initial product line. Then he built the sales team and broker/dealer network that brought Beanfields to market in record time.  They wanted great-tasting chips that appealed to health-conscious snackers. The chips needed to taste just as good, if not better, than traditional tortilla chips. Additionally, the chips had to be vegan, gluten-free, allergy-friendly and made with Non-GMO ingredients.  The founders made the chips vegan because of their strong beliefs in compassion towards animals, and the dramatic beneficial impact plant-based eating has on the environment. From the start, Beanfields used Non-GMO ingredients and was soon verified by the Non-GMO Project.

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Patty H
Patty H
6 years ago

i love Beanfield snacks. They are so hearty and delicious. They have a great assortment of flavors.

Gladys Parker
6 years ago

I love that they have so much fiber and protein. Non GMO, gluten free, allergy friendly, vegan. I would like to try the barbecue, and see if I like the jalapeno. I believe these would fit into my snack column for my healthy eating plan due to the protein.

6 years ago

I have never tried these chips before and like you can’t take too much “heat”. I really am going to have to try the Barbecue Flavor. I have a feeling I am really going to like them!!

6 years ago

Their chips are the best!! Y-u-m!