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6 Ways to Lower Your Family’s Daily Spending Habit  

Having a family and raising kids can get costly, even if you focus on being thrifty. As your kids grow, it seems the need to buy things is never ending. There are school supplies to purchase, clothes and shoes to buy, and food and necessities that always need to be replaced. It is possible to be frugal, even if you have a large family of kids. Here are six easy ways you can instantly lower your family’s costly spending habit each day.


1. Pack Lunches and Snacks

One of the biggest expenses your family may have if your kids are in school is lunch each day. Handing over lunch money to each child in your family five days a week can add up and hurt your budget if money’s tight. Although it may be time-consuming, it’s best to pack lunches for school if you really want to save your cash each day. Better yet, get your kids involved in the process and have them help make lunch.

2. Reuse and Repurpose

Another great way to get more out of your current stock of stuff is to get into the habit of recycling and repurposing. Stop throwing everything out after you use things and start learning how to reuse items. Gift bags from birthdays and other holidays can be reused for the next festive season, saving you a few dollars. Plastic packages from takeaway foods and other grocery items can be washed out and reused for leftover storage. This way, you can stretch your budget even further.


3. Get Cash for Old Clothes and Toys

If you’re struggling to save your money each month, you may get some help if you start making more money. Most parents are already stretched thin between work and family, so a second job may not be the answer. Instead, look in your kids’ closets and toy boxes for old clothes and toys. Use social media to post your items for sale and start collecting cash immediately. Social networks have made it easy to swap old things for quick cash. Make sure you set a meeting place in a safe area, such as a police station or fire station.

4. Review Monthly Necessities

Another place where you could potentially save big is in your monthly expense list. Some expenses can’t be changed, but other costs may be able to be negotiated down to a lower rate. Your local insurance agents can work with you to give you a better rate on your auto, home, or life insurance. In many cases, you can bundle all of your insurance policies into one package at one company to help you get a steep discount. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice coverage or quality.


5. Find Free Fun

Next, start scouting out free activities for your kids to do each week instead of putting down more money for costly extracurricular activities. In many cities, there are designated days where patrons get into neighborhood attractions and museums for free. There are also usually plenty of free parks and other activities you and your kids could visit for some free or low-cost fun.

6. Focus on Experiences

Finally, the last way to help lower your family’s daily spending is to start with the way you teach your kids about money and material things. Avoid spending big on holidays and birthdays for a large list of toys or other things. Instead, focus on spending time together and embarking on new adventures or experiences. This attitude can help keep your kids focused on experiencing new things instead of buying every new thing.

Your family’s budget can get under control if you start focusing on each day’s cash allotment. Keep things manageable by aiming to lower your costs, bringing in a few extra dollars each month, and focusing on your time together.



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6 years ago

I’m really glad that I came across this post because I am working on a decluttering challenge. My month is almost done and I need to move on to something new, but focusing on ways to save money is a good idea. I’ll have to try some of these tips. I’m really bad about eating out…. I could definitely make more food at home and save.