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mandisaLet’s Get Out of the Dark with Mandisa
#OutOfTheDark #FlyBy
I recently heard about the new Mandisa album coming out called Out of the Dark and was really excited to get to preview it. I have always loved her music and hearing the story behind these songs made it that much better. All of mandisaus think that things are supposed to go a certain way. Prayers should be answered in the fashion that we ask them, friends shouldn’t suffer, etc. We all know that God has a plan for everything. We can pray for healing, or forgiveness, but I’ve learned over the years to focus on praying for God’s will to be done. Whatever He has planned, is more likely to be important, versus what I would have thought. Don’t you think?

Being able to listen to the music, lets us all know that God’s perfect and divine plan will one day make sense to all of us. Things we question now, and wonder why, will be so clear when we arrive in heaven. Being able to go beyond the questions and sometimes guilt, just like Mandisa did in this new album, let’s Gods’ plan be known by many – as long as they will listen.

My favorite song was “I’m Still Here.”  It had a great melody and the words really spoke to my heart.  Having someone who has risen to fame, then had a detour that God had to help them get back on track spoke volumes.  Her honesty and her validation of opening up again to what God has planned for her life, I think, can touch many.  None of us are perfect and that’s what makes the grace of God mean so much!!

Find out more about the album below, and also enter to win a copy. Let me know in the comments about a time in the past that you questioned God’s “final answer” and how now you see why it was important.

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About the Album:

Mandisa wrote her song “Overcomer” in 2013 to encourage her close friend Kisha, who was battling breast cancer. Mandisa really believed and prayed that God was going to heal her, but when Kisha went to be with Jesus in 2014, Mandisa’s foundation was shaken in a way she never expected. She fell into a deep pit of depression for close to 3 years, shutting out her friends, family and the rest of the world. Mandisa believes if she had kept going down that road she was on, she would not be here today… but God stepped in and lifted her out of that pit by using her close friends to communicate their love for her and God’s love for her. This album is Mandisa’s way of letting her fans into her story – it’s called ‘Out Of The Dark’ because that is exactly where God lifted her out of!

Product Details:
Release Date: May 19, 2017
Label: Sparrow (SPR)
Copyright: ℗© 2017 Sparrow Records
Record Company Required Metadata: Music file metadata contains unique purchase identifier. Learn more.
Total Length: 42:29
Genres: Christian
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,064 Paid in Albums / #41 in Digital Music > Albums > Christian

About the Artist:
Mandisa Lynn Hundley was born on October 2, 1976 and was raised in Citrus Heights, California. After graduating from El Camino Fundamental High School, she attended American River College in Sacramento where she studied Vocal Jazz. Then she studied at Fisk University in Tennessee and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree with a concentration in vocal performance. She is known professionally as Mandisa, and is an American gospel and contemporary Christian recording artist. Her career began as a contestant in the fifth season of American Idol, in which she finished in ninth place. She is the fifth American Idol alumna to win a Grammy Award for her album Overcomer in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album.

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Rebecca Swenor
Rebecca Swenor
7 years ago

This sounds like a great cd. Music can be such an amazing healing tool for us all. No matter what is going on in our life we can never give up on our faith. Thanks for sharing Mandisa’s story and music.

7 years ago

I don’t listen to music much anymore so I am not surprised I have never heard of this artist before. This sounds like it might be an inspiration to many out there.

sharon martin
7 years ago

I’m so glad I came across your post, it’s the first time I have come across Mandisa and will certainly be on the lookout now.

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
7 years ago

I am so in love with this CD, such an inspiration. It just goes too show that we need to trust Him with everything. Sharing!

Gladys Parker
7 years ago

The majority of my life was my free will and I’ve ended in a place that is not so comfortable. I enjoy my life for the most part only by the grace of God. Her music sounds wonderful, although I have not personally heard it.