YouTube Video Release of Kiss My Grits by Neely 3

YouTube Video Release

Kiss My Grits by Neely

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you’ve seen the information on this great group “Neely“.  They are amazing people and have hearts of gold.  Not wanting to adhere to the nonsense of the companies that say they “promote” bands, they are trying to do this all on their own (with the help of friends, of course).  Let’s show those big ticket promoters, that the voice of the American people can go further than any pen on a contract!!  Check out the great music from this wonderful band!  Let us little small towners make this go viral!


Here’s the official music video for the song “Kiss My Grits” by NEELY – Please be sure to “like it” and leave a comment, then head over to a link below and buy a copy of this great song:

“Kiss My Grits” Available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and in other fine digital retailers.

Listen to “Kiss My Grits” on Spotify:

Video Directed, Shot, & Edited by Jon King (Page 2 Music)

Assistant Director Adam Foye
Video, Words, Music, & Sound Recording Copyright (c) 2011 by NEELY (Jeremy & Kaci Neely)

Special Thanks to:
Tim Willis: Venue Coordinator & General Manager on set (aka – “Da Man”)
Shane & Ruth Butler, Amy Waite, and Amy Kiedrowski: Makeup, wardrobe, setup & grunt work
Brandy Kemp Photography: set acquisition, photo shoot Medina, TN: Venue for live concert shots & audience members

Those who supported this project financially: Amy & Dusty Waite, Kraig & Jamie Smith, Jennifer Boehlke, Kelly Savery, Martha Clark, Jesse & Kimmi Smith, David & Jamie Tomkins, Davide & Kelli Hamilton, Andrew Shaw, John & Teresea Neely, Michael & Amy Scheerer, April Darnell, Todd Caudle family, Church at Rexland, Caleb Utter, Noah Utter, Paul Glashan, Ken & Jane Eads, David & Kay Booker, Michael & Brenda Decher, Chad Ball family, Ryan & Amy Kiedrowski, Paul & Lauri Thompsen, Wes Kaisershot


For more information on NEELY visit them online at:


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Ellen Christian (@ellenblogs)

Thanks so much for sharing. This band is new to me!

tara pittman
10 years ago

This is awesome that they are on Youtube, I hope that many people will hear their music.