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Growing up in California, and going to church at Calvary Chapel, I knew the Ries name. I always heard about Ryan, and figured that with him being Raul’s son, he would have grown up perfect. Well, I was wrong. He grew up human, like the rest of us. Seeing that he was going to share his story, and his testimony, got me interested. I know this book is focused more toward the younger crowd, but with him being a few years younger than me, I know that his path was a lot of the same things that I had done, and it would benefit me, too. I was right. His teaching, and his ideas are great for any age, and perfect for the world that we live in now. If you have a teenager, or even older friend that is struggling with things of this world, this book would be of great help to them.

He teaches about control, identity crisis and living the impossible. I loved the story that he wrote on one page. It talks about forgiveness being like making a sword. Now, if you have someone in your life, like my husband…they love that sword show on TV that shows the people making the swords, and testing them out. This paragraph reminded me of that. The steps that they take, the trials they face, etc. Here’s the page, so you can read it:


What does that mean to you? Isn’t it great knowing that even with our flaws, God can use us for good? I know that I will never be perfect, but knowing that I can use the trials that I’ve faced in life (and the mistakes that I’ve made) to benefit others, and help them to focus more on the future with God, makes me happy. Leave a comment below of some advice that you have for the younger (and older) generation.

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About the Kill the Noise Book:

noiseIt doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done—God wants a relationship with you.

Social media, television, video games, drugs, pornography – there is so much noise distracting us from what is important in life that it is nearly impossible to hear God’s truth that He will take you as you are. When we finally kill the noise of the world, we’ll discover in the silence a loving Savior who is waiting to forgive us and offer us a purpose for our lives.

Ryan Ries is living proof of this truth. Growing up in Los Angeles as the son of a mega-church pastor but surrounded by the music, skate, and snowboard industries, Ryan felt a tug-of-war between the church and the world. It was in the skate and music culture that he found his passion and his identity. As a result, he walked away from God and dove head first into the world, losing his way in alcohol, drugs, and sex, which led to anxiety, brokenness, and emptiness.

Kill the Noise tells Ryan’s story about finding God in the messiness of life, and lets you know how you too can find peace, joy, and purpose in Jesus Christ. This book will be a tool to help you kill the noise of the world so you can hear God’s voice telling you that He loves you and that you belong to Him.

Get One for Yourself:


About Ryan Ries:

Ryan Ries is co-founder of The Whosoevers movement, a nonprofit organization that empowers students at public schools, colleges, and universities around the world to make positive choices no matter their circumstances. Ryan teaches Bible studies at Calvary Chapel Golden Spring, and speaks to thousands of teens and adults at music festivals, concerts, skate parks, churches, juvenile detention centers, and rehabs each year. He produces films, organizes music festivals, and hosts a Saturday night radio talk show, The Ryan Ries Show. Ryan continues to work personally with musicians and action sports athletes. Ryan is married to Crystal, and they have triplet daughters and one son. They live in Southern California.

About the Whosoevers:

The Whosoevers’ mission is to deliver the message of the gospel to a generation searching for meaning, empowering them to realize their true purpose in life. There are a movement of Whosoevers leading the way to reflect Christ in culture. Our generation today faces many more distractions and problems than ever before. Drug abuse, depression, broken families, self-harm and suicide are just a few of the issues they have to overcome. Our “Kill the Noise” tour reaches out to them with a life changing message of truth and hope. “Our Mission is the Great Commission” – cofounder, Ryan Ries. “As Whosoevers we will never stop believing in our young generation. It is this hope and love for them that will continue to inspire us to keep reaching them with compassion and truth” – cofounder, Sonny Sandoval.

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Barb Webb
3 years ago

As a total work in progress, I appreciate books that address where we are and empower us to move forward. Lovely!

Linda Kinsman
3 years ago

I love that this book showcases that God meets us where we are, not where we think we should be. We are hard on ourselves.

Grace Hodgin
3 years ago

I love stories like this. God loves us all and always has a plan.

3 years ago

I didn’t know that your grew up in CA. What a cool connection to this book. I need to check this book out!

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
3 years ago

This sounds like an inspiring and interesting book. We all do well by hearing about the lives and testimonies of others.