Jolly Awesome Pet Tags Are Great!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

20141115_103905I recently got to try the tags from “Jolly Awesome Pet Tags” and really love them. It was really fun to use their site to design my own tag.  They have the instructions very clear on how to do it and pretty much walk you through the process from start to finish.  All I had to do was upload a picture of the animal (I made these for my neighbors dog to surprise her) and then add in the contact info for if the dog ever gets out of the yard.  The site helps you though all of the details, of adding contact info, editing your picture how you want it to look.  It really was a fun process to make these tags.

After I had created the one that I liked, they let you look at them once again to verify that it’s everything you wanted.  Once you approve it and place your order, they are off to the production process.  I received my tags pretty quickly and was impressed with the quality of the material and the ease of seeing the text.  It is very easy to read and will be a great benefit if your animal ever gets out of the yard, etc.

With the order I placed, I received (3) tags for our neighbor’s dog.  This is great, just in case one gets lost, etc.  You can also get (3) for different animals in your home, so if you have more than one, this is perfect.

All in all, I was very impressed with the customer service of the company, the shipment of the product and the follow-up to make sure that I enjoyed their product.  I would definitely recommend this company to anyone with animals, or even if you want to make one for your husband or kids! ha/ha

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About the Product:

Born out of a needJollyAwesomePetTags was born out of a need. Needing to replace my own dog’s pet’s ID tag I went online to find a tag website. At first I was simply going to replace the tag with a typical colored anodized aluminum tag. You know the kind…they come in different shapes and colors and often only allow one-side etching of a pet’s name.

But as I researched more online, I soon discovered that there were many other tag style options available. Along with the most very basic tag styles, I discovered laser engraved, metal stamping, enameled facing, rhinestone encrusted, sport team logos and more. Actually the choices for pet tags seemed endless. But while there were plenty of options to choose from, it dawned on me that all these tag choices were trying to do one thing: provide a level of originality for the pet owner. And this got me thinking.

True Customization? What if it were possible to create a truly customized tag, one that reflected the true personality of a pet? Was such a tag possible? I was driven to find the answers to these questions and that led me on a long and interesting journey. I did discover, after months of research, that it was possible to create a customized, one-off, full-color pet tag, but the method to produce such a tag was complex making the finished product too expensive.

Header-logo-01-resized-resizedMulti-tag offering? To solve this problem a “from the ground-up approach” was needed. Working with some of the leading manufacturers and technology experts in the industry, after several months of research and testing, an innovative production process was developed. As such, we found it easier to manufacture multiple tags at one time than a single tag.

But does this matter? Are consumers interested in getting 3 tags instead of 1? What would people do with 3 tags?

Take your pet with you: To answer these questions we asked consumers for their opinions and found that they were in favor of receiving extra tags of their pets. Now, along with a tag for their pet, there are extra tags for key rings, backpacks, zipper pulls, and more.

Tags for all your petsBut along with our unique tag production process, the easy to use online design tool allows for maximum flexibility. Through our design tool, it is now possible to create “mix or match” photo tags on a single order for the same pet or different pets. Tags for dogs, cats, birds, frogs, rabbits, chickens, fish…you name it. Our tags are so affordable that creating 3 custom photo pet tags is the same cost or cheaper than traditional metal tags.


About the Company:

JollyAwesomePet Tags is a small independent pet tag specialty company focused on providing unique value through our original Dura-Tag™ pet ID product.  Through our easy-to-use online customization tool, creating an original full-color photo pet-tag™ is quick and intuitive. Our non-metallic tags are long lasting, durable, scratch-resistant and do not clink and clank like metal tags do. 

We are committed to your complete satisfaction so we offer not 1, but 5 powerful product guarantees:
  • Guarantee 1:  A damage replacement guarantee 
  • Guarantee 2:  A lost tag guarantee 
  • Guarantee 3:  An “information-update” guarantee
  • Guarantee 4:  A one year product performance guarantee
  • Guarantee 5:  Our full satisfaction guarantee 

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