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Healed By Grace 2: Ten Days of Grace
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I heard about the new Healed By Grace 2 movie coming out from Lev3lDigital and couldn’t wait to see it. The first movie came out in 2012 and was a great one. Being able to see the next chapter was super exciting. I got to watch the movie, even before the DVD came out and I thought that it was a great story.  So many people think that it’s by what they do, that gets them grace.  That’s just not it.  God’s grace is sufficient for you, for His power is made perfect in weakness.  And weak, we are.  I praise God for His grace and that it can heal this sick land.

Seeing the beautiful horses in the movie reminds me of God’s artwork, as well.  He has made so many beautiful things, including you!  Is there a time in your life that you were reminded that it was grace that saved you?  Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

The movie is available now on digital, and will be available on DVD on Sep. 18. Get your copy HERE

About the Movie:

healedJesse is approaching her 15th birthday and the only gift she desires is a horse. Unbeknownst to Jesse, her mother Brandy is in the throes of a cancer diagnosis which has Jesse’s father jumping through unexpected obstacles. He signs Jesse up for summer camp, but when summer camp falls through he decides to have her stay with her estranged grandfather, an old gruff horse trainer named Gauff.

Gauff, still recovering from the death of a special horse named Grace, now faces the challenges of teen negotiation. Gauff finds he must swallow his pride and ask his daughter Brandy for forgiveness. A humorous and inspiring story of how God’s grace works in mysterious ways.

Dove Review:

Let GodFourteen-year-old Jesse dreams the horse dream, informing her reticent parents that a horse is the only gift she desires for her 15th birthday. Unbeknownst to Jesse, her mother Brandy is in the throes of a cancer diagnosis, causing Jesse’s well-intentioned father, John Fuller, to jump through some unexpected hoops.

Although Brandy has held a deep grudge against her gruff and errant father, Gauff, John tiptoes through the hedges of her bitterness, confronting Gauff with the offer of keeping Jesse while Brandy attends to her medical diagnosis. Gauff, still recovering from the death of a special horse named Grace, now faces the bumpy and mysterious path of teen negotiation. Not wanting to mess up a second time, Gauff finds he must swallow his pride and eventually ask for forgiveness.

If that’s not enough, a comic female veterinarian pursuing his interest always seems to pop up and bonk him on the conscience. Healed by Grace 2 is a compilation of stories of forgiveness in a lovely equestrian setting. Although there are a few continuity issues and scenes that run on, this film is certainly family friendly and could serve as an encouragement for reconciliation to many who hold a damaging grudge. Except perhaps for the horse scenes, it doesn’t promise to engage the interest of small children. That aside, Healed by Grace 2 easily earns the Dove All Ages Award.

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5 years ago

Thank you for the review! Seems a touching movie!