Happiness Happens In Life – Don’t Miss It! #HappinessHappens 7

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happinessHappiness Happens In Life – Don’t Miss It!

I recently heard about the #HappinessHappens campaign that Shari’s Berries is doing, and was so excited to be a part of it. For one, I’ve been blessed to enjoy the products from Shari’s Berries in the past, and absolutely love them. Their customer service was (and is) amazing, their products are of great quality, and they are always coming out with great new gift ideas. Living in the mountains of AZ, you sometimes don’t have the option of getting things like fruit, etc. shipped and able to still be used. Shari’s Berries always ships their products quickly, packages them well, and the whole family loves them.


Looking into the #HappinessHappens online, I found so many other people who had had great experiences with the company, as well. I so love this #HappinessHappens campaign that they are doing. In today’s world, we sometimes forget to just sit still for a moment, and enjoy life. Our lives are so full of things to do, chores to finish and stress to deal with. Just taking a moment to breathe and look around at the great things that surround us, is something that we always have to remind ourselves to do.


One of my favorite things is spending time with family!  Living up in the mountains of Eastern Arizona at about 7000′, we don’t have a mall, we don’t have a lot of the things that many take for granted in their communities, but what we do have is the amazing beauty of God’s creation. Having our RzR and our son’s quad, we can just jump on them and hit the trail. There is a major forest road just back behind our house, that goes to many different areas in the beautiful White Mountains forest. Seeing the beautiful creation that we live in, reminds us to just take a breath. Being able to enjoy it with family, and teaching our son the way to live life really helps us to live full, as well. We’re a “tread lightly” family, who wants to see the forest respected and cared for. Like I always say, “the animals were here first, so we are to care for their land.” Too many people, mostly visitors, in our area think that it’s okay to just leave their trash, or not put their campfire out completely. They need to remember that these things cause major problems and can affect how we are able to enjoy the forest in the future.

Wherever you live, you need to make sure that #HappinessHappens!! In whatever way that is…helping a neighbor, enjoying the town, taking a day to clean up a park or forest trail. These little things can make such a big difference in the future. We don’t take a lot of time anymore to be “happy”, it seems, and that really leaves a mark on the world. Who remembers the days of sitting on the porch, and talking to the neighbors as the kids played in the neighborhood? There are so many in today’s world, that I’ve heard don’t even know their neighbors!! Let us, as this generation, make a change in that! Taking over a box of Shari’s Berries would gain a friend for life!! Thank you to them, for letting me know about this great #HappinessHappens event and getting to see what I can do to try and bring a little “happy” to someone’s life!!

happiness happiness happiness


About The Company:

happinessAs a premier gifting company delivering flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, and unique personalized gifts, Provide Commerce is more than just an e-commerce retailer. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and offer gift recipients something just as extraordinary. From gourmet, hand-dipped strawberries to unique, personalized merchandise, we deliver a “wow” experience to doorsteps across the country. Headquartered in San Diego, California, we offer a laid-back work atmosphere where collaboration and innovation reign supreme— and the capabilities are endless. By leveraging data and consumer insights, combined with creativity and ingenuity, Provide Commerce consistently anticipates and delivers what customers want next. Our robust technology platform, premium-quality products and top-notch customer service take the hassle out of gift-giving, while our vibrant team of talented folks put collaboration, passion and fun into, well, everything we do. Provide Commerce changed the way customers shopped for flowers when we created ProFlowers in 1998, bringing fresh flowers to customers from the field. Our disruptive innovation created an entirely new business model and value network for the floral industry. Since then, we have launched some of the finest gifting brands in the world, such as RedEnvelope, Shari’s Berries, Cherry Moon Farms, and Personal Creations. Our innovative mindset has helped us bring better quality, style and some of the best guarantees in e-commerce to each of our brands—all with an over-the-top customer experience for gift-givers and the people who matter to them most.

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8 years ago

This is a great campaign, we really do need to be more proactive about happiness! Those strawberries look so tasty, wish I had some right now 🙂

Ellen Christian
8 years ago

That’s definitely great advice. Sometimes we forget to make happiness happen!

8 years ago

I had the pleasure of trying Shari’s Berries for the first time last year. They were like little pieces of heaven here on earth.

tara pittman
8 years ago

Those strawberries look so yummy. My moms birthday is coming up, I will send her some.