Great New Site for Artwork!! 6

#Sponsored: How lucky was I to receive a canvas print from “Easy Canvas Prints”? You can try them, too!! Find out more at #EasyCanvasPrints

I heard about a great new site about artwork from a friend and wanted to find out more.  I was contacted by a representative of their company and they offered me a free print to give my opinion.  Let me tell you, their customer service is amazing and the quality of the prints is wonderful!! Not too expensive and when you receive it, you’ll worry that you didn’t pay enough!! Just kidding, I know we all like getting a great deal, but when some of those “great deals” come in the mail – you realize why they were cheap! Well everything from this site is quality made and things you’d be proud to give as gifts and have adorning your home!! I am so happy to now know about this site and have it saved in my favorites for when I need another print.  Here’s the picture that we had taken on our cruise in Alaska this summer, that I sent them to have printed:

and here is how it came out:
BEAUTIFUL!!  You can always embellish it more with a frame and other things you personally add on, but in my opinion, opening the package from this great company and pulling out this great piece, it was just ready to hang!!
I loved it and wanted to tell more about it.  If you’d like to find out more, you can find them at:

Easy Canvas Prints

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Leave a blog comment to tell me what you found at their site that you liked, and enter to win an 8×10″ print for yourself.  Be sure to share and let your friends know, too!! 🙂

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10 years ago

Sweet!!! What do I need to do now Jamie? and THANKS 🙂

Heidi Bee
10 years ago

I would love on of my kiddos!

10 years ago

I would use the canvas print to get a big pic of my kids

Maria Long
10 years ago

what a great piece of artwork

10 years ago

I have a picture of each of my kids that I would love to get on canvas.

Ashley B.
10 years ago

I'd love to have a canvas print of my children 🙂