Giveaway & Review of “Forgive & Remember” by Charlotte Fortier 4

      Forgive and Remember

A Journey from Forgiven to Forgiving


I had heard about this book on my friend’s Facebook page prior to it being released and couldn’t wait to read it.  Now, I have no person that I need to forgive, but I was interested in the story and hearing about a life teaching.  The book is written really well and has some really great insight of how to learn from mistakes and grow from trials in our lives.

There are so many things that happen in our lives that test us and make us wonder…why?  If we can learn from these, we will be able to grow into a strong person and someone that the Lord wants us to become.  A quote from the book that I really loved was on page 37 and it said: “Listen, the real test of my decision came as I had to walk through each day living outwardly what the Lord had revealed to me inwardly“.  Now isn’t that true?  We are tested so often in this “world” that we need to be sure to reflect on the outside, what we know is right from the inside.

I highly recommend this book.  Like I said, you do not have to be going through anything at the moment to learn and important life teaching for the future.  I’ve attached more information below, as well as a chance to win a copy or if you don’t want to wait, you can purchase one now.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


 forgive forgive

About the Book

A unique and Biblical approach to true forgiveness. Through this author’s experience, you will learn how to follow God’s plan for true freedom from past hurts and painful memories.



About the Author

Charlotte Fortier is currently Co-Pastor in Lakeside, Arizona. What makes her happy? God’s Word, being a Texan, wife, mother and grandmother. She loves to cook, paint, write and teach God’s Word. God’s mandate to her was…”you cannot teach what you do not know”. Charlotte has spent her life learning how to apply the Bible to her every day life. The Word of God is truly alive to her.

Enter to win a copy:

If you don’t want to wait, you can purchase one here:

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Rachel Ferrucci
10 years ago

I was very thankful to be forgiven. It’s always easier to accept being forgiven then to forgive

10 years ago

Sounds like an interesting book. Forgiveness is so hard to find in our hearts.

Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith
10 years ago

I have. By my mom, for my teenage years. LOL

Bonnie Gowen
Bonnie Gowen
10 years ago

Yes I hope I have been forgiven and yes I am thankful.