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I pray that everyone’s July is going well.  My son is starting to get bored and constantly telling me there’s nothing to do at home, even though we have a trampoline, swingset, RC car track and now a zipline – but, I guess that’s all boring.  Goodness, August cannot come soon enough!! (school)  I went over a few things on my craft list to try for this week and decided to blog about something that in a sense helps with crafting (especially if you have little ones), and not just a craft itself, per se.  Saw something like this on Pinterest and thought it would work great!!  Hope you enjoy!!

“Easy Glitter Jars” Craft
Materials Needed:
  • Small Salt & Pepper Shakers (about 1″ tall)
  • Glitter
  • Funnel (or make your own)
  • Paper Towels
  • & Time!!


Have you ever had a craft that you wanted to do that used glitter?  How many times have we tried to make a nice line while just tapping the back of that dumb glitter jar, only to have it end like this?

Well, I found a solution for that on Pinterest.  This isn’t identical to what I saw, but I made it work for me.  Start by getting a small funnel, or just making your own from a piece of construction paper, etc.  Bend it around until the tip is small enough to fit into the jar, and then cut the top off to make it a bit smaller in size.



When finished, insert the funnel into whatever shaker you have decided to use.  Make sure that it is secure, so that when you’re pouring in your glitter, you don’t get an even bigger mess!!

Begin by pouring each color into a different jar.  I had to make sure to tap out all of the glitter, so that I didn’t have mixed colors in the end. :/

Now, you can have a tray full of glitter bottles to make it easier to use while you’re crafting or letting the little kiddos have some fun.

I used my bottles to sort of embellish a greeting card and make it a bit fancier.

Easy to do, great for your craft room and for the kids to use – hope you enjoy!!

The Lord their God will save his people on that day as a shepherd saves his flock. They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown.” 
Zechariah 9:16

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11 years ago

What a great idea. Definitely makes it easier.

Dawn Pruitt
11 years ago

Great idea! Perfect for controlling the mess!

Sande Sivani
11 years ago

Great idea for using glitter with small children!!

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Rose Powell
11 years ago

This would definitely make things easier, thanks for sharing!

Rachee Fagg
11 years ago

Can I just share that I have a glitter ban due to the extreme mess it creates. This is such a great idea. The glitter can be controlled (as if) and it won’t be such a mess to clean.