Have You Heard Of Hollow Face Illusion? 17

20150618_170512Dragon Hollow Face Illusion Craft

I recently saw something like this on a science show that my son and husband were watching. I went straight to the internet to do some research and see if I could find out how to do it.

The dragon illusion has a label of “Gathering for Gardner”. Martin Gardner, is the recreational mathematician and writer of Scientific American fame; he is known as one of the greatest popularizers of math, and puzzles ever! He was one that was also a large part of the Conway’s Game of Life cellular automaton craze. Gardner really loved optical illusions, so a piece like this fit him well.

The dragon illusion, is definitely a play on the eyes, and was pretty fun to make. All I did was print out one of the sheets that I found on “Instructables” and started cutting, taping and folding.

Here are two options for the dragon – click to download the one you want:
Red Dragon

Green Dragon

After you have printed it out, you just have to follow the directions, to cut it out and assemble it. It was pretty easy to do, just some scissors, a bit of tape and time.  It’s definitely one that if you set in a room, people will think that someone is following them, since the eyes go wherever you do!

Here’s how it turned out (forgive the bumpiness, trying to make it so that you could see it right):

It’s amazing that something so simple could play with your eyes, so much! Hope you, your family and your friends like it!

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Lee Haelters
Lee Haelters
2 years ago

Everyone remember, you won’t see the illusion unless one eye is closed!

Carlee C
7 years ago

Now, that is totally awesome. When my son comes home from a birthday party today, we are going to have to try this out.

Lee Haelters
Lee Haelters
2 years ago
Reply to  Jamie

Maybe best effect at a Pirate Party, where everyone must wear eyepatches!

7 years ago

This is so cute and creative. My nine year-old loved dragons so I know that he would enjoy putting it together with me.

7 years ago

Awe, this is so cute. My son’s school has a mascot of a Dragon, so this is perfect for us.

Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

Oh my god it is so cute! I will have to print it out and try it myself 😀

Linda Kinsman
7 years ago

I’m keeping this in mind for those long, hot summer days when the kids are saying I’m bored! Thanks Jamie. Pinned!

Tara Pittman
7 years ago

This would be great for a party. My boys would love this on the table.

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
7 years ago

Fun! Thanks so much, we love stuff like this! Great thing to do on a rainy day!