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DIY Didn’t I Think Of This Sooner?
(Sponsored by Wayfair)

So who here doesn’t wish that they had more space, and/or less mess in their homes at one point or another?  I am a wife and a mother of a 15 year old, and if you’re like me, you’re tired of things not being put away correctly.  I have to constantly remind my son to put his clothes away, or even just clean up his room!  We all want to make our home inviting, but when guests come over and you have to worry about what they first see, that can become a problem.


In our front foyer, we used to have a little rubber mat style shoe holder, but even then, shoes were just thrown and it just got really annoying, with having to sort them out and organize them to easily find the next day.  It was especially hard in the Fall & Winter months, when our shoes were either really wet, full of snow or extremely muddy…having them sitting on top of others, was not the best thing to see in the place you look at first upon walking in the door.

So finally, I found a way to take care of all of that, and to just DIY my own option to clean up the mess, make the entryway more organized and just have it look great.  I did it by making this “Shoe Hanger“:


It was pretty easy to make and is just a lower version of a coat rack, in a sense.  It really helps to make it easy to find the Sole-Mate for your other shoe! ha/ha

For full details on how to make your own, go to:


For Some “Non-DIY” Ideas, Check These Out:


Shoe Storage Bench

Shoe Storage Bench

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Ingleside 2 Door Shoe Cabinet

Ingleside 2 Door Shoe Cabinet

Regular Price:$116.95


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Christine at Must Love Home

Loved it!! A coat rack for shoes…awesome idea and would difinitely keep shoes off the floor!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity with us at Friday Favorites! Please join us again…and we would love to see you at our Wonderful Wednesday Link Party too, every Tuesday at 4PM! Hugs- Christine at Must Love Home

Rachel Teodoro
8 years ago

Great idea! That way you don’t trip over shoes all the time.

Darla from HeartWork Organizing

Clever solution. This would really work well if you have a dedicated mudroom with some unused wall space. Shoe cubbies work great for so many people, but I love that there are different ways to solve a shoe problem, and you found the one that works for you!