What Is Better Than a Cabin Vacation? 2

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cabinWhat Is Better Than a Cabin Vacation?

How about enjoying the lake with boat dock lifts?

During the times of hard work and raising families, there are a lot of us that really enjoy time away from the normal. We just got back from a great vacation with friends and family, getting to enjoy time off and see the beautiful area where we live. Hopefully, you are able to get time to enjoy some rest certain times of the year. If you do, do you have a favorite place that you go? Do you travel alone, or with a group? Here are some great tips on how to save and have a better vacation.

How to Save Money with a Cabin Rental

Renting a cabin might sound like a dream. You imagine yourself waking up the birds chirping, seeing your kids jump off a dock into the lake and cooking freshly caught fish over an open fire. When you select the wrong cabin, your dream vacation just might become a nightmare. Those cabins might leave you spending more money on groceries, beach passes and other expenses you didn’t include in your budget. You can still treat your family to a fun cabin rental, but you’ll want to look at some easy ways to save money on that rental.

Choose Equipped Cabins

When you choose a fully equipped cabin, saving money is easy. The rental companies that offer these cabins include everything you need. You might have bed linens in the bedrooms, towels in the bathrooms and even have a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, dishes and pots and pans. Some cabin rentals even come with boat dock lifts, which are helpful for those bringing their own boats. Those lifts make it easy to get your boat in and out of the water every day during your stay.

Visit a State Park

Skipping private cabin rentals in favor of the cabins available at state parks can also help you save. State parks often have campsites available for those bringing tents or recreational vehicles, but some also offer cabins. These cabins might come with a large front porch for relaxing, a screened in porch that keeps the bugs out and amenities like a television and DVD player. These rentals help you save because you’ll find plenty of things to do and ways to keep yourself occupied within the park. Most parks offer activities like hiking trails, horseback riding, fishing and nature centers.

Consider Your Surroundings

Considering your surrounding is one of the best ways that you can save. Look at the activities and attractions available near the cabin to determine a budget for your trip. Staying in a popular area that has amusement parks, museums and other activities nearby may be well outside your budget. If you choose a cabin on the water that has plenty of things to do nearby, you’ll spend less on all the things you want to do. Renting a cabin is a fun way to spend a few days or more with your family, but make sure you know how to save on those rentals.




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Rose Powell
8 years ago

I always dreamed of a family vacation on the lake. I went camping with the Girl Scouts Several times in a cabin, aside from freezing my booty off, we went in October, I actually really enjoyed it. My favorite memory is sitting around the fire just chit chatting with all the other moms and leaders. Oh How I miss scouting.