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soccer campBritish Soccer Camp

I wanted to update this blog post with the info “after the camp.”  My son is a bit too old, but we have a neighbor who has a son that loves soccer and was really excited to go!!  They were able to get into our local one up here in the mountains and loved it.  Here is what John had to say about it:

The coaches helped me with important soccer skills such as footwork, ball handling, making head shots, and how to control the ball while running at different speeds.  We learned how to pass the ball effectively to open team members. We learned a lot about cooperation and sportsmanship.  The coaches taught us a trick move that fakes out the defender and makes him think you are going to pass or kick the ball. It catches the defender off-guard, gets him to jump, giving you a clear path with the ball.  We learned a move called the “scissors move.” It is when you can weave the ball in between your legs while running down the field.  The best part of the camp was when we got to play scrimmage games against each other. That was a lot of fun and helped me use all the skills they taught me.  We played a really fun game called “lightning” each day. This was a one-on-one game with 1 goalie and 1 kicker. If the kicker scored, the goalie was out and someone else takes over as goalie. The last person left is the winner. – John

Here are some photos of his fun time:

soccer camp

soccer camp

Thanks to #USFG and British Soccer Camps for letting us be a part of this great opportunity!

Original Post:

I’ve heard some friends talk about this “British Soccer Camp” and always are saying it’s a great camp experience, and cannot wait to try it out.  You always hear great reviews and the kids I know that go, always come back with smiles on their faces, new skills learned and even better at this sport.  Even without having gone before, from their reviews, I would recommend it.  Cannot wait to try it out ourselves and see what a difference it makes.

soccer campBritish Soccer Camp is the most popular camp in North America – 150,000 campers! With an innovative curriculum that develops skills, speed and confidence in players ages 3-18, British Soccer Camps provide boys and girls with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert’s right in the heart of their own community. In addition to teaching new skills and improving game performance, each British Soccer Camp provides lessons in character development, cultural education and is the most fun your child can have learning the sport they love!

Challenger Sports’ British Soccer Camp is the most popular soccer camp in the country. Hundreds of Challenger coaches each year have helped the company develop one of the most innovative approaches to coaching youth soccer in the US. Our experienced staff study the game at all levels and we have identified the key techniques and skills that your players need to work on and master to reach their true potential.

Each day includes individual foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a daily World Cup tournament.

The early mastery of technical skills is one of the most important elements in the development of youth soccer players.  Challenger’s NEW 1,000 Touches Curriculum has been created to address the key areas of technical development that have the biggest impact on their performance in the game.

Challenger’s New 1,000 Touches Curriculum will provide high levels of repetition of the most valuable and frequently used soccer skills and as the title suggests, it will give each player over 1,000 points of contact with the ball in each 3 hour daily camp.


Each day, the coaches will take the players through a progressive series of skill building practices from unopposed, to opposed, game related and finally into a game.

  • Soccer ABC – Players will improve their Agility, Balance and Coordination.
  • Dribbling – improve the ability to change direction and move at speed.
  • Moves – master more than 20 different ways to turn and fake opponents.
  • Passing – improve accuracy, pace and 1st touch control.
  • Shooting – improve power and placement with each foot.
  • Heading – learn how to safely and confidently head the ball.
  • Tackling/Defending – improve your tackling skills and learn how to defend.
  • Freestyle – daily program of juggling, lifts and balances by John Farnworth.

soccer camp

About the Group:

soccer campChallenger understands that players, coaches, parents and administrators all have different needs and priorities, and by listening to our customers throughout the period of our growth we have created a TOTAL SOCCER company that caters to everyone involved in the game. Challenger Sports is a owned and operated by some of the most experienced soccer people in the country.

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Tough Cookie Mommy
9 years ago

Soccer Camp must be so much fun for kids. My boys love soccer and I love that it provides them with physical activity.

9 years ago

This sounds like fun. I have an energetic little boy that would love a fun camp.

Tough Cookie Mommy
9 years ago
Reply to  Daisy

My boys are very energetic too. They would love participating in this camp.

Barb W.
Barb W.
9 years ago

This looks like a great camp that my sons would be interested in. I can see why it’s so popular, the curriculum looks excellent! Thanks for sharing this info, will be checking into it further.