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best buySave Money at Best Buy with Groupon
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If you’re like me, you want to save as much money as possible on the things that you buy. When times were tough awhile back, my husband and I went best buyon a strict budget using Financial Peace University and ended up paying off every bill, other than our mortgage….and we’re working on that, too. So many times, when making a purchase, people just click on the cart and don’t look around for any savings. Not me, I’m going to save every cent that I can, to be able to use for things that are scheduled or planned, such as emergencies, healthcare, etc.

Well now with Groupon, you can save a LOT. There are so many different stores where coupon codes are available, and you’re able to make that final cost get lower. Take Best Buy for example. I just purchased something from Best Buy and using the Groupon Coupon, saved 20%. Now for some small orders, that might not be a lot, but for those large ticket items, 20% is a big amount. Now you can put that in the savings account for later, or buy something else, that you didn’t think that you could.

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Take this Stainless Steel Breville Espresso Maker, for instance.

best buy

Normal price is $599.99 – with the Groupon code, you’ll get it for $479*.
That’s over $100 in savings. Now you can spend that on even more espresso!!! 🙂

Here’s another item that we sometimes shake a bit, when thinking we need to buy…a Whirlpool HE Washer.  When our own equipment breaks down, we sometimes need to buy a new one quickly.

best buy

Well with this being listed at $719, you could get it for around $580*!! Again, over $100 in savings. I love it!

Head over to the Best Buy Groupon link HERE, and see what you can save on. Then go to Best Buy and leave a comment below telling me what you want to save some money on! Let your friends know about it, too – then you’ll all have a bit left over for a night on the town.

best buy

About Groupon:

best buyGroupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) is a global leader of local commerce and the place you start when you want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere. By leveraging the company’s global relationships and scale, Groupon offers consumers a vast marketplace of unbeatable deals all over the world. Shoppers discover the best a city has to offer on the web or on mobile with Groupon Local, enjoy vacations with Groupon Getaways, and find a curated selection of electronics, fashion, home furnishings and more with Groupon Goods. Groupon is redefining how traditional small businesses attract, retain and interact with customers by providing merchants with a suite of products and services, including customizable deal campaigns, credit card payment processing capabilities, and point-of-sale solutions that help businesses grow and operate more effectively. To search for great deals or subscribe to Groupon emails, visit To download Groupon‘s five-star mobile apps, visit

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 *Price not guaranteed due to sale dates, blackout dates and misc.
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7 years ago

I need a new keyboard desperately– the letters are all but faded. Thank heavens for that typing class I took way back in high school (so I know approximately where the letter are! I love Groupon but I totally forgot they have discounts for places like Best Buy. Maybe now I can afford a new keyboard!

Gladys Parker
7 years ago

I have been putting off buying a new laptop. Mine is ready to sleep forever. I notice on the click through there was up to $250. off and another was 50% off computers, etc This would be awesome as I have been looking every where for the best deal. I like the idea of Groupon, thanks for sharing!