Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert Pints are Amazing! 4

Thank you Moms Meet & Arctic Zero for partnering with me on this blog post!
Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert Pints are Amazing!
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I heard about the Arctic Zero products from Mom’s Meet. I hadn’t seen them at the store, but thought that they sounded amazing. I have so many friends who aren’t able to drink milk or having anything with lactose in it. These products finally sounded like something that might work for them, and still taste great for those of us without the problems.

Having them be GMO free, lactose free, a low glycemic index, low sugar, naturally sweetened with no artificial ingredients or sugar alcohols, as well as rBST free and having whey protein made me so excited to try them. Trying to watch what I eat and have snacks that are healthier, this sounded like the perfect one.arctic

I was so excited when the package arrived at my house. Opening up the box, I saw inside:

6 pints of ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts in flavors that I didn’t even know existed
5 vouchers for additional FREE pints of ARCTIC ZERO (couldn’t wait to shop for more)
A branded hardwood scooper
A heart-shaped bowl
and an Arctic Animals coloring book

I used my scooper (which was really comfortable) and the cute heart-shaped bowl to enjoy some of the Cherry Chocolate Chunk flavor – my first thought was “YUM!” It tasted amazing and didn’t leave that feeling of having a sticky throat. You know what I mean, right? Sometimes you’re eating a regular ice cream and it feels like your throat is coated? This went down perfectly, had a great taste and no sticky feeling. I love it!! I sometimes have issues with my asthma and eating regular ice cream, and having it make me cough. This had none of those effects and makes it much easier to enjoy the treat!arctic

I was worried that with all of the benefits it had for healthy living, that it would be missing the flavor, like so many other products. Well, it wasn’t – that’s for sure. The taste was great, it’s not too rich or sweet and blended perfectly with the other flavors. I’m hooked! I also saw on their website that they have bars, as well. I cannot wait to try those! With the weather here, even in the mountains of Arizona being insane, a nice cold treat will really help us get through these warm days.

Go to to find out if there’s a store near you that carries it. It is an amazing product, that I’m sure your family will love…if you have problems with certain ingredients, or even if you just love a cool, yummy treat!

A big thanks to @MomsMeet 4 introducing me 2 @MyArcticZero - Find out more about the yummy treat at Share on X
About Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert:

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream? ARCTIC ZERO® Fit Frozen Desserts® Pints are the perfect zero-guilt sweet treats for moms who care about clean ingredients. Each crave-worthy, low-calorie, lactose free pint is made with hormone-free whey protein and sweetened naturally with monk fruit, making it low in sugar. Your whole family will love these delicious frozen treats!

Creamy Pints are deliciously smooth and creamy. Only 35 calories per half-cup serving and 150 calories for the entire pint, Creamy pints are fat free.

Chunky Pints are a little more indulgent with bits of yummy treats swirled in. Only 75 calories per half-cup serving and 300 calories for the entire pint, Chunky pints are low in fat (1-2.5 grams).

Just The Facts:

  • ARCTIC ZERO is low in sugar (low glycemic) and makes a great sweet treat for diabetics since it’s sweetened naturally with monk fruit (no sugar alcohols).
  • ARCTIC ZERO is lactose free and perfect for those who are lactose intolerant.
  • ARCTIC ZERO only uses rBST-free whey protein.
  • There are many gluten-free ARCTIC ZERO options available that are every bit as delicious as non-gluten free frozen desserts.
  • ARCTIC ZERO Creamy pints are fat free and only 35 calories per half-cup serving and 150 calories for the entire pint, making it a zero-guilt dessert.
  • ARCTIC ZERO Chunky pints are low in fat (1-2.5 grams) and only 75 calories per half-cup serving and 300 calories for the entire pint, allowing you to indulge without guilt.
  • ARCTIC ZERO pints contain 3-4 grams of protein per serving and are perfect in protein smoothies or shakes.
  • All ARCTIC ZERO pints contain 2-3 grams of fiber per serving.
  • ARCTIC ZERO is GMO free and contains no artificial ingredients.
  • ARCTIC ZERO is certified kosher.
  • Price: $4 – $5 per pint, or less with a coupon!arctic

About the Arctic Zero Company:

arcticARCTIC ZERO® is the pioneer of Fit Frozen Desserts™ without all the fat and calories. Handcrafted from premium ingredients, ARCTIC ZERO is low glycemic, lactose free and GMO free. It’s the perfect zero-guilt pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes. Our love of ice cream runs deep, like eat-the-entire-pint deep. You know that feeling you get when you have to choose between indulging your sweet tooth and maintaining your healthy lifestyle? We dislike that. A lot. That’s why we created ARCTIC ZERO. Made with hormone-free whey protein and sweetened with low-calorie monk fruit, our desserts are nutrition-packed to help you stay on track and be your best. So whether you’re looking for a post-workout snack, watching your weight or following a special diet, our handcrafted desserts are the perfect way to taste the sweet life with zero guilt.As a child, ARCTIC ZERO founder, Greg Holtman, vividly remembers caring for his mother–a type-1 diabetic. While Greg and his family loved sweets, especially ice cream, most desserts at the time contained artificial sweeteners and ingredients. Unwilling to compromise between indulging his sweet tooth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Greg set out to craft a functional, yet indulgent, dessert with premium ingredients. After years of recipe tinkering using ingredients you can understand®, ARCTIC ZERO was born – a line of Fit Frozen Desserts with zero compromise.

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Carlee C
7 years ago

I like that they are a great option for individuals who have Gluten restrictions as well as those trying to limit their calories! Such an innovation in ice cream!

7 years ago

Arctic Zero is one of my favorite brands! I love that they have low calorie options.