Make a 4th of July Celebration Popper #TigerStrypesBlog 2

“4th of July Celebration Popper”


I made this 4th of July Celebration Popper last year and just wanted to share it again.

This is just an old plastic water bottle that you can recycle to turn into fun.  Just make sure you’re using recyclable materials to pop out and none that will just leave trash in places you don’t want.  I just used the little dots from my hole punch, figuring with watering the grass and the monsoons coming (HOPEFULLY!!), they will just disintegrate into the ground.

Please be sure to comment and share – Hope you enjoy!!

“4th of July Celebration Popper” Craft


Materials Needed:

  • Empty Water Bottle (cleaned out & dried)
  • Colored Electrical Tape
  • Balloon
  • Recycled Hole Punch Pieces or Some You Cut Up
  • Scissors
  • & Time!!



Begin by cutting your bottle top off from the rest – be careful not to cut your fingers on straggling pieces of the plastic.


Then, when you’re finished cutting, use the color of electrical tape that you wish (I just took a picture with all of my choices and made my decision after taking the picture of supplies).  Make sure you have the tape all of the way around and pushed down on both sides.


Next, put the balloon that you choose over the top of the bottle.


Continue to fold it down until the balloon is pretty small, just so there is not much space for the paper pieces to go into and get stuck.  Shorter the better with this.


Once you get that finished, pour whatever you decided to use into the taped side of the bottle head and shake it a bit to get it down in the balloon.


When you’re done with that, you just have to hold your hand around the neck of the bottle, securing the balloon, and using the other, pull & release.  These would be great for other holidays as well, just change out the colors and personalize them how you wish.  Here’s a video to show you how it works….enjoy!!

(if the video above doesn’t work – go here to see it)

 “They rejoice in Your name all day long; they celebrate your righteousness.” – Psalm 89:16


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Andrea Kruse
8 years ago

Cute idea! My son would love to have some of these ready to go.

8 years ago

I love this! I have to start collecting to bottles to create my own.