The Do’s and Don’ts of Training a Barking Dog 8

The Do’s and Don’ts of Training a Barking Dog If you’re like me, you’ve had that little puppy that likes to bark at it’s shadow.  Having a dog is an absolute joy, but it isn’t always easy. It’s normal for dogs to bark as a form of communication. However, overly vocal dogs can be problematic for you and your neighbors. Excessive barking is a behavior […]


Improve Your Photography Skills with PhotoMamas 4

Thank you Ravu, Buzzplant & PhotoMamas for partnering with me on this blog post & the great deal for my readers! Improve Your Photography Skills with PhotoMamas#Photography #Skills #TigerStrypesBlogIf you’re like me, you love taking photos! I got a Canon Rebel a few years back and love being able to go out in the mountains where we live and take beautiful photos of the masterpiece. My […]

Do You Have A Dream Team? 6

We received our “Dream Team Lion” in the mail today and it is absolutely adorable!!  I so wish this would have been around when my son was younger.  It seems like most kids have issues with sleep and having something like this would really help comfort and build them up.  Being able to make this cute little animal your “friend” and give him a name […]