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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Have You Heard of Silver Hills Sprouted Grain Bread?


I recently got picked from Mom’s Meet members to try out some of  the new “Silver Hills Bakery” bread products. I had never heard of the brand before, and living in a small town in the mountains of AZ, had a hard time even finding it at the store. I finally found it in the freezer section at Safeway in Show Low, AZ. They only had one type of it and the person working there didn’t know much about it, other than they were told that it had to be stored in the freezer.  I used my coupons and bought a loaf for myself and my neighbor.

It tasted great and reminded me of the fresh bread from a local bakery.  Great ingredients, healthy for you and there were no issues with it being frozen.  I just put it in my fridge, and it defrosted wonderfully.  I loved the “crunch” of the grains, as well.  Bread is usually pretty boring from some companies.  This one had that extra kick and also the feeling of knowing that what I’m serving my family is good for them…and tastes great!

Here’s some more info on the product that I was able to purchase:


Steady Eddie (Sweetened with Apples)

silverEddie loves finding balance in life. So, naturally, he loves the perfect balance of our delicious bread, lightly sweetened with organic apples, instead of refined sugar and flour. The sprouted goodness of Steady Eddie makes for great tasting bread so you can focus on enjoying the balance of living a healthy life.

(Per Slice) Calories: 100 Fiber: 4g Fat: 1g Protein: 6g

Our non-GMO vegan ingredients:  organic whole sprouted wheat, organic apples, vital wheat gluten, organic whole sprouted rye, organic whole sprouted soybeans, cultured wheat flour (wheat flour, bacterial culture), yeast, sea salt, water, organic sunflower oil (used on equipment only not as an ingredient).

Contains wheat and organic soy. May contain sesame seeds. Made in a peanut and tree nut free facility.

Why sprouting is good for you…

silverWe get a lot of people asking us, “what is sprouted grain bread?” Quite simply, it is the process of making bread using a unique sprouting process in place of flour (yes, bread made without flour!) to retain all of the nutrition from the sprouted whole grain kernel.

Did you know that whole grains are nutrition-rich seeds that want to grow into vibrant, living plants? The outer shell of each grain acts as a protective barrier, like a safe in a bank, protecting its bounty of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients until it’s ready to sprout and grow.

As part of its natural defense, each shell contains enzyme inhibitors along with phytic acid, that make it resistant to digestion, allowing the grain to survive in nature where it’s often consumed by birds and animals before ending up in the soil.

Sprouting is the key to unlocking the whole grain nutrition found inside this protective shell. When a grain is sprouted and begins to grow, it’s waking up from its dormant state to start the hard work of growing. Stored nutrients become readily available as enzymes activate and enzyme inhibitors, which inhibit digestion, are broken down along with phytic acid, an anti-nutrient that inhibits the absorption of nutrients.

At Silver Hills Bakery we bake our breads using a unique sprouting process where we clean, rinse and soak our whole grains until they begin to sprout. These sprouted grains are then mashed into dough, joining our other organic, vegan and non GMO bread ingredients – that make up our delicious sprouted grain bread.

Everything the grain does to help itself grow also benefits you! Because stored nutrients are now readily available and enzyme inhibitors have been naturally broken down – it makes it easier for our bodies to digest, absorb and enjoy the full-benefit and life-giving nutrition baked into every one of our sprouted grain loaves.

That’s just one of the ways we inspire healthier living through healthier choices – so you can enjoy a happier, healthier life!



About Silver Hills Bakery:

silverOur story began in 1989 at the Silver Hills Guest House, a wellness resort quietly tucked away in the beautiful and serene Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Rooted in a philosophy of holistic, healthy living, guests to the resort are taught the benefits of positive lifestyle choices supplemented by a vegan-friendly diet as a means of promoting health and achieving a higher quality of life.

Soon after opening its doors, the resort staff discovered they were unable to find wholesome, all-natural bread that aligned with their dietary values. Fortunately, Brad Brousson, the soon to be co-founder of Silver Hills Bakery, was on staff at the time. When he was young, his mother had taught him the craft of baking bread using sprouted grains, and as a result Silver Hills decided to make its own unique sprouted bread.

Instead of grinding grains into flour, the bread was made from sprouted organic whole grains. This naturally retained all of the life-giving nutrition of the entire living kernel to create delicious, wholesome bread that was packed full of fiber and protein, while also containing no dairy, oil, artificial preservatives or additives of any kind.

After experiencing this healthy and delicious new bread, resort guests wanted to continue to enjoy it after returning home, and share their discovery with friends and family. The demand for our organic sprouted bread only grew from there.

To this day we have two simple goals: bake wholesome, great tasting bread and inspire healthier living through healthier choices.

About Moms Meet:

momsmeetAll great moms know what’s important: the health of our children, our families, and our world. Moms Meet and KIWI Magazine, our premier publication that helps parents everywhere grow their families the natural and organic way, wants to help build and foster communities of moms who can share resources.

Moms Meet is a part of our mission to unite eco-minded parents. This online community empowers moms to connect, learn, and share their thoughts on raising healthy families and living green. At Moms Meet, we provide early access to articles from KIWI Magazine and entry to a fun Rewards Program that allows members to collect and redeem coins for great prizes, like a box full of eco-goodies, a subscription to KIWI Magazine, or even a chance to win an all-inclusive vacation!

We also offer exciting opportunities for moms and their friends to try and review natural, organic and eco-products and services, and share their honest feedback through the Mom Ambassador program. Mom Ambassadors have sampled products from brands like Kashi, Stonyfield Organic, Bob’s Red Mill, Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, and many more!

Connect With Them:



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Sara P. (@SensiblySara)

I’ve never heard of Silver Hills, but it looks like they have a great selection of products. I am going to see if I can buy it here.

Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

I have never heard of Silver Hills, but I love this type of bread. We get a similar brand here (can’t remember what it’s called), but unfortunately I have to limit my wheat intake because of IBM. And I REALLY like bread D:

Tara Pittman
9 years ago

This bread sounds so yummy.