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Saved By Grace Original Series Review
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savedI recently heard about the new series coming out from Pure Flix, titled Saved By Grace.  Watching the preview, it really got me interested in the show.  It looks like a real world story, that might help those in similar situations.  We’ve all struggled with things in life, and then at that special moment, that certain person steps in.  Were they an angel? or just a positive role model in our life?  Whichever one they are filed under, they can all make a great impact on our lives, no matter the trial we are facing.  We can also be that same influence later in life, for others facing the same things we had to go through.

I started watching at Episode #1 and was really impressed by the acting, the stories and what it taught.  I loved how they were portrayed as butterflies in the opening scene.  Any time I see a butterfly, I always think it’s my Dad sending a sign that he’s checking in on me, from heaven.  The story in the first episode was great.  Seeing that someone could be forgiven and start their life over for the better, was a real positive topic.

The second episode was a bit harder to watch.  Seeing a family struggling with drinking and a Mom in the hospital were some difficult topics.  It really made you think about life decisions, and how something that you did, could affect others in many ways.  Praise God for forgiveness and a fresh start, when that is given.

I don’t want to go in detail on the rest of the shows.  Be sure to set your DVR, or calendar for a reminder to watch these shows.  They have some great actors and valuable stories.  I definitely recommend the series!

About Saved By Grace:

NEW EXCLUSIVE STARTING ON NOVEMBER 6 – Angels are amongst us and God has sent them on a mission to intercede on behalf of whispered prayers. Every encounter presents a new opportunity to change your approach to life. There are no chance meetings or coincidences in life.


Production: Johnny Remo

Directed by Johnny Remo

Writing: Daniel Backman, Johnny Remo

Cast: Cassie Haley, Matt Borlenghi, Isabelle Almoyan, Jadon Cal, Tim McKinney, Kristen Grace Gonzales, Richard Blake, Melissa Archer, Major Dodge, Veronica Kelly, JJ Miller, Meggie Jenny, Ryan Francis, Cameron Arnertt, Jennifer Taylor

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1 year ago

Sounds terrific! Pure Flix sure has a lot of great content for the whole family!

1 year ago

I love that Pure Flix is constantly offering new content to make their streaming service so great! This show is great. I also wondered the same questions and appreciate the fresh starts that God often gives to us. It’s sometimes hard to realize it and to get the courage to take those fresh starts!