Taking Care of Office Management Problems

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Taking Care of Office Management Problems

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The Most Pressing Office Management Problems, and Taking Care of Them

Office management is a beautiful art of synchronizing the needs of the customer with the best abilities of employees. People who work in this sector have their own status and value in society. Many people look up to this job. Especially, the salary and perks are very lucrative.

However, all these luxuries don’t come easy. It requires lots of skill, hard work, and planning. Needless to say, office managers need to manage lot of things.

A variety of factors cause a range of problems. Just like how every lock has a key, every problem has a solution. Let us look into some simple ways to handle them.

Employee Performance Problems

managementEmployees form the base of the company’s pyramid, they are foundation of the company. Their performance matters the most. Any company stands on the quality of their products and that quality is brought by the employees. Thus, their performance is very important. Their low performance affects the company directly.

How to take care of it? The factors like personal problems, bad health or office environment might be the usual reasons for these kinds of problems. Here are suggestions that will help you improve things.

i) Counselling: A counseling session with an under-performing employee can be the best solution to these kinds of problems. The actual reason will be known and suitable advice for personal problems can be given during counselling.
ii) Sick Room: If an employee falls sick during work hours a sick room can help them rest for a while and continue the work. This will definitely improve the quality of the work.
iii) Build Healthy Atmosphere: Everybody travels through peak traffic to reach office. Its intolerable if the office environment is discomforting, once they enter. So, keeping the atmosphere fresh, comfortable, and lively helps them keep calm.

Confronting Bosses

Expressing that your boss is wrong is not a simple task. It requires a very diplomatic way to let him/her know their mistake. Though it is easy to keep numb it is very important to express your view for the benefit of the company.

How to take care of it? Confronting becomes difficult due to the fear of spoiling the coordinal relationship with superiors. There are few things to keep in mind while convincing your boss.

i) Proper Tone: Most important thing, especially while confronting your boss is the tone of your voice. It should be an explaining kind of tone and definitely not commanding.
ii) Proper Words: The words that are used while your explanation matter a lot. Words like, may, mistaken, misunderstood will help you explain better.
iii) Decision’s disadvantages and alternatives: Explain the disadvantages of boss’s decisions and do give alternative solutions to it. This will not only make him rethink but also make your conversation easier.
iv) Ask questions: This can be a very simple way or an indirect way to confront. By asking doubts, you will make space for reconsideration of the decisions taken. If he is right your doubts will be cleared, if not, it will be reconsidered.

Losing a Contract

It is never a good feeling to loss a contract. There can be numerous reasons like work satisfaction issues or mindset, where other parties might have not liked the work culture of the company. How to take care of it?

There are few internal and external things to take care. The productivity, the exterior and interiors of the office. The designs inside and outside the office determines the culture type of the company.

i) Focus on productivity: Invest on small things by which company can get large benefits, like wall colors, interior designs and accessories which affects the productivity of the employees to a large extent.
Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, in a research, suggested that office landscaping can improve workers’ quality of life and productivity by 15%.
ii) Build good interiors: Interiors are about the work culture of the company. Clients should be impressed before they enter into the meeting hall. Good interiors definitely give good feel for a collaboration. Hence, let the designs be logical and not haphazard. A tidy place is always relaxing.
iii) Create a Good Exterior: Though this not on what a contract stands, definitely nobody will deny a contract with a classy looking company. Secretly, it does matters. For exterior designs, invest in something cost efficient and requires less maintenance like synthetic green walls or landscapes, they are easy to maintain, durable, safe and convenient. They also keep employees happier, calmer and improve their efficiency too.


Team and Peer Conflicts

Internal conflicts in a company can be caused due to lack of co-ordination, understanding or patience. Even anxiety, or lack of appreciation and encouragement can also cause conflicts.

i) Organize Workshops: Workshops are a fun filled way to improve employees’ knowledge. Teach them about team work. The company has to bear some expenses but will get good returns in the form of better employee performances.
ii) Hold meetings: Appreciate their hard work. Encouragement is important. When there are differences of opinions, meetings can help resolve them. Mostly, the solution should not look like it is favoring any one of them.
iii) Help Them keep Calm: Usually, bad mood causes conflicts. Help them enjoy a pleasant work space. Bright red or grey can bring lot of stress to the workers. Try to keep their surroundings pleasant. Example, green or blue color wall designs or green garden will boost the mood of the employees and keep them cheerful. They keep employees calm and ready for the day’s work. They help the workers with good mindset and have positive attitude throughout the day.

Concluding Remarks

All the mentioned problems and solutions are the most significant ones in office management. These solutions are given keeping everybody in mind. Boss, managers and employees, everybody should have a calm, stress-free and enjoyable atmosphere at work. When work becomes enjoyable, product quality becomes good, once products are good company gains. This helps everybody grow together.

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