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*I was blessed with some flowers for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*
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Start The New Year Off On A Positive Note

Let’s start the New Year off on a positive note!! How many times have you heard people talking about their New Year’s resolutions…exercise more, lose weight, work harder? Well, let’s change that up and look back on 2015, and what we learned from that. Too many times, those resolutions end up biting us and making it really hard to feel good about ourselves, or our life. If we work together to make the change, than we can start 2016 off in a much better way!!

Some of the things that I’m happy about from 2015 are:

1) Serving God – Having such an amazing Savior, and knowing that when I take my last breath on the earth, I will be alive in heaven with Him!

2) Volunteering at the local Senior Center – Being able to give my time to those that have lived a wonderful life, and sometimes just want someone to talk to is a great thing.

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3) Being a Shepherd for Global Media Outreach – Using the internet, which is so often full of the negative of this world and turning it around for the joy and love of the Lord.


4) My Family – My husband and our son are amazing and let me look back on a year spent with them that brings smiles and joy to my life.

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5) TigerStrypes Blog – Being able to voice my opinions, as a Mom who works from home is a blessing. Hearing what others are doing and learning something new each day is something that I love. In a world that so many are trying to one-up each other, the group of friends that I’ve made has been amazing. Everyone tries to work together and help each other out in a positive way – I love that!

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6) and… The Little Things In Life – Listening to the birds sing, seeing the snow fall, enjoying God’s creation. I also love the times that my husband brings me home some flowers, it always brings a smile to my face. Something that you might want to do, but question if it will be “good enough” – do it!! Those little steps that bring joy to someone else are cherished more than we might even imagine. With a company like FTD, you can make a positive mark on a friend or families life and it doesn’t take much!

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So let’s start off 2016 with that positive note in our life. Don’t focus only on what you want to achieve in the coming year, as you know how that can turn out sometimes! Let’s look back on the last year, and think again of the times that brought us smiles – and even the tears. Some things that we look at as negative, can actually turn out to be a positive later on in our life. I’ve learned that personally (see this post) and know that there will be a day that you think of that “trial” and say “even though it felt gloomy then, I can now see the light”.

FTD can help you bring joy in your life with their beautiful flowers, too – here’s some that I recently got to enjoy:

new year

new year

new year

new year

new year


new year

Praying you all have a happy new year, and a blessed time thinking back on all of the good things. Let me know in the comments some of them that you are thankful for. If there are some negatives, let me know about those, too. I would love to pray for you and see how God can use that dark place to end up being a light!

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About The Company:
new yearFTD Companies, Inc. is a premier floral and gifting company. Through our diversified family of brands, we provide floral and gift products to consumers primarily in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. We also provide floral products and services to retail florists and other retail locations throughout these same geographies.

FTD has been delivering flowers since 1910 and the highly-recognized FTD® and Interflora® brands are supported by the iconic Mercury Man logo which is displayed in nearly 40,000 floral shops in approximately 150 countries.

Our diversified portfolio of brands also includes the following trademarks: ProFlowers®, Shari’s Berries®, Personal Creations, Cherry Moon Farms, Flying Flowers, Flowers Direct, Drake Algar, Sincerely and

The FTD Mission Statement: To inspire, support and delight our customers when expressing life’s most important sentiments.
The FTD Vision Statement: To be the leading and most trusted floral and gifting company in the world.

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Connect With Them In The New Year:







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Disclaimer: I, Jamie Tomkins, own and operate TigerStrypes Blog located at From time to time you’ll hear about my real life experiences with products and/or services from companies and individuals. Let it be known that I have no affiliation with these said companies, and have not received compensation for reviewing their service/product. The service/product was purchased by me with monetary means, points, or coupons. No portion of the product/service was given to me by the company or any agents of the company. The review that I give regarding the product/service is based off my own personal experience; I do not guarantee that your experience will be the same.


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Sara @ Shabby Grace Blog

Oh my gosh, you’re so right! Let’s rework this New Years Resolution thing! Love this! Thanks for linking up with us at Your Home Decor and More!

8 years ago

Beautiful flowers and they sound like a great company! I love that you highlighted all of the things you’re happy about from last year, so important and helpful to look at the new year in a positive way and see all you’ve achieved from the previous one. 🙂

tara pittman
8 years ago

My mom loves flowers. I need to send her some for a pick me up gift.