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Decorate in Style with Museum Trees
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I recently heard about the Museum Trees company, and was in awe with the products that they had available. Some of them you only see in commercial buildings, and now I could get one for myself! The quality looked amazing and they had so many indoor and outdoor options. Check this one out, that would be absolutely perfect for a classroom or book store:


There were so many great products, I had trouble finding just one that I wanted to review. I finally found some artificial artichokes and was in awe! These are something that I have been looking for, for years, and can never find any that don’t look like some cheap plastic pieces from the dollar store. It’s something that I always see people using real ones to decorate their kitchens, or dining rooms, but where we live that’s out of the question. Being in the mountains, artichokes are about $4 each, so having them just sit on the table and not eat the yummy things just doesn’t make sense to me. Finding these artificial beauties on their website, I just couldn’t believe it.

At first, I figured that the photo of the product just looked great, and I would end up receiving something totally different looking in the mail. When I received my package, and opened it up, they were identical to what is shown in the ad on the website. How often do you get that?  Here’s what they looked like in the box – I had to look twice and pick them up to make sure they were artificial:

museum museum

I absolutely love them, and they sure do look great in our dining room here at home.  Here are some more photos of the pieces together, which I plan to add sprigs of flowers to, or something else, depending on the season to add some flair to the table.  They are perfect for all year long, which is even an added plus!

museum museum museum

I was so pleased with the customer service of the company, and the quick shipment of the products! I will definitely be ordering from them again. Their site is now saved on my favorites list, and I’ve already told a bunch of people about the amazing products on their site. Perfect for your home, classroom, workplace or any other area that you want to decorate. They even have outdoor products, that look amazing! I just might have to go browsing again soon, to see what else I would like for our home!

Head on over to their website at and let me know in the comments what your favorite item was. Be sure and tell your friends, as well as keep them in mind for when you need something like this for your home or office!discount coupon

Here’s a unique offer for my readers who wish to buy at Silk Plants Direct. Use the code BLOGGER10 and get 10% off on the products (except for custom).

museumAbout Museum Trees:

museumEven a small, non-assuming plant dispatched in some corner of the room has an incredible power to light up the entire setting. But even that small plant can take up a lot of resources and care. If you’re a big business w/lots of trees & plants, it can cost a lot hours & finances. To make your space a ‘plant-packed paradise’ without any hassles, our team has come up with a range of items.  Artificial plants and trees which look incredibly realistic and will help you craft your dream landscape. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are a leading national interior landscape firm.  We will help you plan, design, install and maintain your landscape.

Since past 40 years, we have been working on commercial landscape designs and projects around the globe.  We’ve helped businesses create engaging experiences and enjoyable spaces for their customers and clients. Our depth of experience, skilled craftsmanship and extensive capabilities in dealing with both, live and artificial plants and trees allow us to undertake a range of projects irrespective of the business and its scale. So, whether you have got green thumbs or not, we will make sure that your plant-filled commercial décor will make your customers feel valued and feel stress-free. Just get in touch with us if you’re looking for some plants or if you have a landscape theme in mind and we’ll do the rest.

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Stylish Cravings

Those are so pretty! I would never have thought they weren’t real, this would be perfect for my house!


I love this idea! I’ve managed to kill live plants before so I quit buying them. These look real and not obvious they are fake.

Shelley R Zurek

They certainly do look real. The photos had me convinced that you got a live specimen from Museum Trees. What a great concept.

Tara Pittman

I love these plants. They look so real!

Lot Falcon

Love this!! I also have the thumb of death but love having greenery in my home. I’m totally gonna check this out! Thanks for sharing!


This is so beautiful! What a fresh way to spruce up your home during a dreary time of year!

Ellen LaFleche-Christian

Very cute! I love growing all sorts of things!

Cindy Schultz

What a cool concept. I have no greenery in my house because I have a black thumb. This may be an answer to my troubles.


These are gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing!

Gladys parker

I, too, checked out Museum Trees and was astonished at some of the beautiful plants and trees. Yours look so beautiful and could be adored forever. I’d love a Psalm tree.


Wow-those really do look real!! Now I have a craving for some artichokes! I really have to go and check this site out–they sound like they have some amazing artificial plants!