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The Lady in White – MotoMysteries Book 5
by Sherri Kukla
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If you have read any of my past blog posts, you may have recently seen a review for some of Sherri Kukla’s books that have come out in the past few years.  The stories are more focused on the younger crowd, but myself being older love them!!  They always get you thinking, and trying to figure out what will happen next.  I would love to see these books become a movie!!

Recently, I was able to get Sherri’s new eBook titled The Lady in White, and started reading it pretty quickly!  Once again, the story sucks you in, and you feel like one of the characters.  I love that she gives all of the characters an even footing in life.  Just because “Millie” is a girl, doesn’t mean she can’t out-ride you on that motorcycle!  Such a great way for all kids to know that they can do anything, no matter what!

This book starts out with a continuation from the last one, but even if you haven’t read the first four books, it wouldn’t really matter.  All of Sherri’s books can go together really well, or can even be read separately, in my opinion.  I’ve loved all of them, from the very beginning!  When I finish one of her books, I’m always wondering what will happen, and how things will go in the next one.  Her stories are really that good!  Thanks again to Sherri for books that are safe for our kids, and even exciting for us older kids!

Check out Sherri Kukla's #MotoMysteries book The Lady in White! #motorcycles #offroad Great for the younger crowd....and old like me!! #TigerStrypesBlog Share on X

My Amazon Review for The Lady in White:

I found out about this series awhile back, and figured “hey, I’m not too old for these!” I started reading the first one and was hooked! I could even see these books being turned into a movie! The Lady in White, which is the MotoMysteries Book 5 was once again a great read! Get’s you hooked from the beginning and “seeing” the story in your head as you read. I love the way Sherri writes, and draws you in. Being someone that grew up in Glamis and loves playing in the dirt, it’s also great to see the girls represented as riders in these books. Everything is amazing, and I can’t wait for #6!!

About The Lady in White:

“… a new adventure for Jeremiah, Millie and their friends!” – S. Kukla about The Lady in White

“She claims that restless bride wandering the desert is the sister of her great grandma five times over.”

A fun camping trip, with lots of dirt bike riding, takes a strange turn when Jeremiah and Samuel meet a mysterious young waitress who says she is connected to the desert legend. And was that just an apparition they saw their first night while drifting off to sleep? A clue in the nearby brush deepens the mystery.

Meanwhile, an eerie screeching sound woke the passengers in the rail car heading north. Screams sounded throughout the car as Millie and Paisley were thrust into an adventure that went far beyond just touring a gold mining town.

How does the angry ex-convict pursuing them connect with their search for the heirs of the long-dead gold miner? Back home in the desert the boys have their own pursuers to avoid as they discover mysteries abound even when Millie isn’t with them.



About Sherri’s Other Books:


The Skeleton and the Lantern: Chased by a ghostly skeleton, searching for a lost gold mine and trying to keep their family together . . .

This faith-based kids mystery book will have you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns and multiple challenges.

Jeremiah and Millie are excited about their parent’s plan to move to the desert where they’ll be able to ride their dirt bikes every day. They’re also in support of the bigger dream: to provide a home to kids who need help. As former foster kids, they know what it’s like to need a family.

But their outing to the desert to search for that property turns into a dangerous adventure when they’re stalked by a ghostly skeleton. A high speed chase and an old man with tales of gold and a secret key add to the mystery. Determined to find out who or what is behind the apparition trying to stop their family dream, they find themselves in deep trouble when their snooping goes too far.

Ghost Lights of Dry Brook:  The lights, the mysterious night sounds, the abandoned store . . . and the warning . . . Something is going on at the vacant store in town.

Are Jeremiah and Millie willing to risk getting arrested . . . or worse . . . to find out what it is? Rumors of ghost lights and a death at the old store increase tension between the brother and sister. When Jeremiah refuses to return to the place they were threatened, Millie convinces her best friend to accompany her. But when Paisley comes to spend the night, the three of them never expected her visit to end like it did.


Phantom Ship in the Desert: Millie’s last thought as her motorcycle launched into the atmosphere was, “I’m going to die!”

What do the soldier’s old knapsack and the mysterious cardboard box in the overturned trailer have in common? A cryptic message from a missing man named Emmett and maps to a lost ship in the desert lead Jeremiah and Millie on a curious search.

When the pair become separated on their dirt bikes, they discover they aren’t the only ones searching for the ship. Someone wants the map they have.

Alone, hurt and out of gas, Millie hears a noise like the rattling of a sidewinder. A loud scream escaping her throat is the last thing she remembers before passing out.

Suddenly, finding Millie is more important than searching for a legendary lost ship. Will they get there in time?

If you’re a fan of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, then you’ll love reading Phantom Ship in the Desert complete with plenty of off road adventure. Find out what danger awaits them in the desert . . . get your exciting page-turning copy today!

The Christmas Miracle: An exciting new Christmas mini-mystery for kids! A short, fast, page-turning mystery kids and adults will love!

It’s Millie and Jeremiah’s first Christmas in their new desert home and it should be a fun one. But then six-year-old Caleb disappears while in their care. Searching for him on their dirt bikes, they come upon a lifeless body.

They’re in need of a Christmas miracle…but will they get one in time?



Get the Set for Yourself:


About the Author – Sherri Kukla:

whiteSherri Kukla and her husband, Steve, publish S&S Off Road Magazine and are the founders of Thundering Trails, an off road day camp for kids. Sherri and Steve married when they were teenagers. Forty-five adventurous years have passed, providing plenty of fun as well as not-so-fun experiences for Sherri to draw on for the MotoMysteries series. Their lives revolve around God, kids and motorcycles.

They have raised four children of their own, in addition to opening their home to nearly a dozen others who spent a few weeks up to several years with them. They are currently raising their 15-year-old granddaughter who has been with them most of her life. Yes, she rides and races motorcycles. They also have a nine-year-old grandson who loves rocks, reading, bicycles and motorcycles.

Sherri and Steve Kukla, along with their granddaughter, one dog, one bearded dragon and two dozen fish, reside in Ocotillo Wells, a desert community in Southern California, that is home to an 85,000 acre off road park. If you’d like to be a part of the launch team for future MotoMysteries books visit or email for information.

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1 year ago

I like to read the books geared towards the younger crowd too!

Claudia Krusch
1 year ago

Sounds like a great book! I can’t wait to check it out!

Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

These books look like they are fun for the kids, and there are many adventures with the characters too.

1 year ago

I’ll have to check in to these. I think my kids may enjoy them.

Celebrate Woman Today

I enjoyed the post and the book review. I am intrigued and will look into the series. Great review, GIRL!

1 year ago

My girls may like this! This looks great!

1 year ago

These look like good books to order now before the bad weather that is coming so that I have something good to read!

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
1 year ago

Sounds like a great book and series! I often love books for the younger crowd too!