Light Up Your Office Space! #VUSBLEDLightStrip 1

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LightsLight Up Your Office Space!

The TedGem USB LED Light Strip is great for TV Backlighting or Bias Lighting for HDTV. It connects via USB that lights up the LED Strip, and you can change things up with a Remote Control. The colors are amazing and it has so many different choices!


★Features a low-cost, energy-efficient, modular design. The universal TV backlight kit provides adequate bias light to reduce eyestrain, making television display seem crisper & colors appear more vivid.

★With the function of 24 Key remote control, there are 16 adjustable different kinds of light colors, 10 different brightness levels, 4 color patterns, 10 changeable fade speed.

★Easy Installation, Simply peel the adhesive off the back of the strip and place it on a TV ; The Led strip is 39.4 Inch ( 2 combinabile strips, each 19.7 inch) and Can be cut with scissors on the cut marks (white lines) to fit different using conditions.



Get Some For Yourself Here:


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