A Great Christmas Gift Idea For Your Man!

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Men’s Bible – A Great Christmas Gift Idea



American Bible Society and National Coalition of Ministries to Men Partner to Provide The Men’s Bible
“This Bible will equip you to become a Kingdom man.” –Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

I got this “Men’s Bible” from the Icon Media Group to look it over and see what I thought.  I love that it is directed to Men.  Like the video (inserted below) says, there is a concern for Christian Men in today’s world.  Guys don’t know what is right, and the world is leading them down a really bad path.  Role models are few and far between.  This bible gives guys better insight of what is right and good in God’s eyes.  There are great devotionals from men’s ministry experts, as well as the Word of God.  These things used together, can help guys live a good life and not feel weird being different.

The world sees all Christians as weird, in today’s eyes, it seems.  Beliefs that they try and write off as wrong or outdated.  God’s Word will never be outdated and is true today, tomorrow and forever.  Guys need to know they have people behind them and feel as they are part of a “team”.  God’s “team” is one of the best to be on.  He has a perfect way of living, if we follow it, and his winning streak is spot on!

I cannot wait to give this to my husband for Christmas and see how it can help him in his daily life, as a man, a father and a husband.  I pray that it can also help our son, as he grows older, seeing what his Dad has changed and how they can better live for God’s glory!


mansidentityNEW YORK, October 2014—American Bible Society and National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM) have joined forces to create and distribute The Men’s Bible (November 2014). The first Bible from both organizations with features tailored to meet the unique needs of men, The Men’s Bible contains 72 devotions written by experts in men’s ministry, and is the only Bible focusing on the three most common areas in which men struggle: marriage, pornography, and friendship.

“TOGETHER, we will help the LOCAL CHURCH present every willing man in America with a credible offer of the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, encourage them to PURSUE GOD, and equip them for spiritual service in the home, church, workplace, community, and the world.” -NCMM

Using the Good News Translation, The Men’s Bible is divided into three sections: The Tool Kit, The Battle, and The Challenge. The Tool Kit serves as a concordance, providing Scripture references for topical study. The Battle contains 60 devotionals, written by NCMM men’s ministry experts, focusing on Christian purpose, priorities, and living. The Challenge provides additional devotional content focusing on marriage, pornography, and friendship—the three areas of life that NCMM has observed to frequently present stumbling blocks.

The Men’s Bible Quick Facts:

Format: Paperback
Pages: 1,304
Translation: Good News (GNT)
ISBN: 978-194144-903-5
Features: Devotional content written by NCMM ministry experts, focusing on marriage, pornography and friendship.

American Bible Society’s State of the Bible 2014 survey found that men fall below the national averages of both Bible ownership and readership.[i] For American Bible Society, The Men’s Bible is an opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of the Bible to a man’s life. As a result, American Bible Society hopes men will increase their engagement with the Bible and experience its life-changing message.

“American Bible Society is pleased to join with National Coalition of Ministries to Men to provide a Bible that men will be proud to own, to carry, and to read,” said Col. Art Pace, executive director of American Bible Society’s Armed Service Ministry. “We hope the format and content of The Men’s Bible—our first Bible tailored to this audience—will speak to the reader in a profound and meaningful way about the issues facing Christian men today.”

“The National Coalition of Ministries to Men has prepared this Bible to help identify God’s message to today’s men,” said Dr. Robert Lewis, NCMM member and Men’s Fraternity Founder. “NCMM’s vision is to do ministry together that no individual or organization can do alone, and The Men’s Bible is an excellent example of this joint effort.”


About American Bible Society

ABS-New-Logo-StackedHeadquartered in Manhattan, the 198-year-old American Bible Society exists to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message. For more information, visit AmericanBible.org.



About National Coalition of Ministries to Men

1000068315The National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM) began in 1996 to do ministry together that no individual or organization can do alone. NCMM is comprised of churches plus denominational leadership, servant church ministries, individuals and for-profit organizations. For more information, visit NCMM.org.

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