Get Ready for God’s Not Dead: We the People 14

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Get Ready for God’s Not Dead: We the People
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I can't wait to see the new #GodsNotDeadWeThePeople movie with @DavidARWhite this #Fall. Looks like a great movie! #GodsNotDeadMIN #GodsNotDead #HomeSchool @GodsNotDeadFilm Share on X

I have loved all of the God’s Not Dead movies. The stories really pertain to the world today. So many are judged or criticized for their beliefs and it is getting worse. God’s Not Dead: We the People is coming to theaters this Fall! The God’s Not Dead franchise continues in God’s Not Dead: We the People as Reverend Dave (White) is called to defend a group of Christian homeschooling families. He finds himself taken aback by the interference of the government, and believing that their right to educate their own children is a freedom worth fighting for, Reverend Dave is called to Washington DC to testify in a landmark congressional hearing that will determine the future of religious freedom in our country for years to come.

In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is a fragile thing”. Individual freedoms and liberties are at the center of this passionate and emotional story, and it runs from the heart of the country to the corridors of Washington. Who will decide what a child needs to know for generations to come? Will God be left behind?




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About the Writer, David A.R. White:

deadWhite is the son of a Mennonite pastor. He was formerly married to the actress and producer Andrea Logan (born July 29, 1978), who played the role of his wife in the 2009 movie In the Blink of an Eye. White moved to Los Angeles, California at age 19. Six months after his arrival in Los Angeles, he was given the role of Andrew Phillpot, the best friend of Burt Reynolds’ son, in the CBS sitcom Evening Shade (1990–1994). White also had guest appearances in television series such as Coach, California Dreams, Sisters and Melrose Place. He was a protagonist, Dan Burgess, in Second Glance where his closing line “Hey Scotty, Jesus Man” turned into a meme. Some of his early films were 20th Century Fox’s The Visitation, an adaption of the novel by author Frank Peretti, Bells of Innocence with actor Chuck Norris, and Mercy Streets for which he was nominated for The MovieGuide Awards’ Best Actor.[citation needed] In 2003 White starred alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Six: The Mark Unleashed.

In 2005, he founded Pure Flix with Michael Scott, Russell Wolfe and Elizabeth Travis. Over the next several years, he produced and starred in several films including In the Blink of an Eye, Hidden Secrets, and The Moment After. In 2011, he played in Jerusalem Countdown. In 2012, he played James in Brother White, Special Agent Ric Caperna in The Encounter:Paradise Lost (sequel to the 2011 film The Encounter, which he produced and directed) and pastor Rich Chaplin in Me Again, a film about a pastor unhappy with his life. He was nominated for a TCA best actor award.

In 2014, he co-starred as a pastor in the film God’s Not Dead. He starred in and produced both sequels, God’s Not Dead 2 (2016), God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness (2018). In 2015, he played Wayne in Faith of Our Fathers, a film about veterans from the Vietnam War and the experiences of their families. On March 27, 2018, a short compilation documentary Pure Flix and Chill: The David A.R. White Story about him by Anthony Simon was released on the Filmmaker Magazine website. He created, produced, and starred in the sitcom Malibu Dan, the family man in 2018. He also produced the films God’s Not Dead 2 and God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness.

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Grace Hodgin
2 years ago

I think this sounds like a great movie. God is always in the lead and is never left behind.

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
2 years ago

We loved the other movies so we are looking forward to this!

2 years ago

Absolutely loved the other God’s not Dead movies and would love to see this with the family someday.

2 years ago

I haven’t heard of this movie. I will have to check it out!

Tara Pittman
2 years ago

This is a movie that I want to see. I saw the other Gods Not Dead Movies so I know that this one will be awesome.

Linda Kinsman
2 years ago

Sounds like another fantastic movie in this series. Parents shouldn’t be judged on how their children receive their education.

2 years ago

I need to check this out. I think that it’s really cool that he’s done so many things including this film, founding PureFlix, and other films. Amazing guy!