Save Your Ears With FSL Gunblock Ear Defenders 3

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Save Your Ears w/FSL Gunblock Ear Defenders


I was recently able to try out the FSL Gunclock Ear Defenders.  I received the package quickly and they were packed really well.  When I got them out of the box, I wasn’t sure if they were meant for children, or would fit since they seemed really small.  After getting them bent out a bit, they fit great and made it so that my hearing was really protected.  My husband said that they will be great to use when he goes out shooting, and I plan to use them whenever my son starts talking about Minecraft! 🙂

The quality is great, they feel comfortable on your head once you get them to open up a bit and they are perfect for being camouflaged, if need be, as well.  Living in the mountains, and being around a lot of people who shoot, and hunt, I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.




More About The Product:

We all enjoy spending a few hours practicing in a shooting range or hunting in the great outdoors. But you know the potential damage to your hearing simply isn’t worth the risk. Protect your ears with the FSL Gunblock Folding Earmuff and enjoy your favorite hobby stress free!

Durable and Reliable: Our folding earmuff is made from high quality materials only to ensure it will last for years. When you go hunting, chances are you’ll encounter some tricky conditions -wind, dust, mud. We built these ear defenders to last through intense activity. Moreover, the supreme quality materials create a luxurious feel, so you can wear them comfortably for hours!

Perfect Fit: Cups slide along headband to accommodate different head sizes, and muffs fold easily for efficient storage.  High quality materials provide a luxurious feel and make these ear defenders built to last

Protect Your Hearing: With high NNR/SNR (SNR is 29dB and NRR is 26dB), you can rest assured that our folding earmuff will keep your ears 100% safe, so you can enjoy the shooting range without any worries.

Easy to Store: Our ear defenders are fold-able for higher efficiency. That means they’re more portable and when you’re done with them they won’t take up much space.

Easy to Open: Most earmuffs come in complex, hard plastic packaging that’s simply impossible to manage! We designed ours with user comfort in mind, so it comes in a hassle-free package that won’t take forever to open. We also took special care to use eco-friendly packaging, so you can do your bit towards saving the planet!

Guaranteed Quality: Our ear defenders come with a 3 year warranty and unrivaled lifetime support from Future Sound Lab’s website.

About The Company:

gunblock“To explore the boundaries of technologies in providing premium quality headphones at an affordable price point.” There’s a new generation of consumer in the world of headphones, one that embraces technology and is also highly educated in what constitutes good sound quality.
Until now, Bluetooth headphone manufacturers have either priced most people out of the market or delivered a sub-standard product in terms of sound quality. FSL’s zero compromise attitude and affordable price point provide the solution; Bluetooth headphones that sound as good, if not better than many wired headphones and also feature a microphone and remote to take calls and control your smartphone.

Get Some For Yourself:

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8 years ago

The neighborhood we moved to now has a lot of young children who play outside right out my window where I work and although it usually doesn’t bother me, there are times I’d rather block out the extra noise so this would come in handy. I love that they look like they’d fit my head well and great price, too!

tara pittman
8 years ago

Great to know that there is ear protection from loud noises. These would be great for music concerts for me.