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floatpro2-in-1 FloatPro Head Strap Mount + Detachable Floater


I received the FloatPro to test out and give my opinion on.  I’ve seen so many videos of people wearing the camera on their head, and never really heard about how they did it.  Doing the research, I found a strap, but then heard of people who had it fall off of their head, fall into the water, and then they couldn’t find it.  With this genius device, you won’t have to worry about that.

The product fits really well, and is comfortable to wear.  Being able to not have to hold the camera, or worry about it being in the wrong place on our bike makes it fun.  Most of the ones that get stationed on a bar on the ATV only look ahead.  With this on your head, you have even more view available.  If you turn your head to see that deer running across the road, you’ll be able to follow it with the camera.

My husband tried it out, and said:

“My wife gave me the FloatPro, and I got to do a quick trial run to see how the head mount worked with my GoPro Hero 3, and give my opinion.  I felt very comfortable with the FloatPro on. It wasn’t too heavy, or tight, and I really liked how it was fully adjustable.  I was not able to test the floating part of this head mount as of yet, but feel that would be great for safety when fishing or taking part in water sports.  I feel if you are on an ATV, a bike, hiking, water skiing, snow skiing, etc., the FloatPro would be a great mount.  Using it on our RzR, which has a roll cage, and dual rear view mirrors, as well as a roof, it sat a bit too high on my head, to really get a great video.  It is a good addition to my GoPro inventory, that I will probably use with multiple cameras for different shots, and edit them all down to a single video.” -David

Here’s a sample of some of what he caught, using the product:

About The Product:

floatproNever worry about losing your GoPro head strap in the water again!! With our FloatPro floating head strap that comes with a detachable floater, you should always be able to find it!

The FloatPro head strap is fully compatible with all GoPro cameras: Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2 and HD. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes. Simply move your head around to find the right fit!

Wear it over a helmet, or directly on your head for great first-person perspective shots. Our anti-slide silicone grips will keep the strap in place with your movement.

Our head strap is made with the highest quality materials and is suitable for both land and water use. It comes with a detachable floater that will keep your GoPro safe even if it falls off in the water. Ideal for activities such as snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, rafting, skiing, biking, etc.

Included in the package:
FloatPro head strap
– Detachable floating band
– Thumbscrewfloatpro

With FloatPro, you can purchase with confidence! Their product comes with a 1-year warranty. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can simply contact them through their website, and we will be more than happy to assist you with a replacement or a refund. Order one for yourself today and gift one to your GoPro lover friend!


About The Company:
floatproFloatPro is a fast-growing family-owned small business which specializes in providing camera lovers with high-quality and durable water and outdoor related GoPro & camera accessories. We understand how important and precious your camera is and the need for them to be protected. Our love for creation helped us turn passion and hard work into a blooming GoPro & camera accessories brand.

Why Shop With FloatPro?

Out of the hundreds of GoPro & camera accessories stores out there, FloatPro remains your very best choice since they:

  • Offer unique, durable, and highest quality products at all times
  • Offer 1-year no-hassle satisfaction guarantee on all our products
  • Work to ensure your expectations were met, if not exceeded
  • Offer the best value for your money

Our deep passion for giving our customers the very best remains our source of motivation for providing professional and personalized services to you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, thus we strive hard to ensure we deliver best quality products and exceptional customer service always. So rest assured, you will be well taken care of!

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Linda Kinsman
9 years ago

What a cool product! This would be perfect to take on a camping trip.

9 years ago

Oh how cool! I’ve wanted one of these for a bit now. Take on when I’m cycling along a mountain trail, ha think it would be fun. Love that this one will float, makes it easy to find if using in water