Are You Doing “Enough”? – Book Review 4

 I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

I received the book called “Enough – 10 Things We Should Be Telling Our Teenage Girls” from Team Buzzplant.  At first, I wondered why I would even want to read this, since I myself have only a son.  From the time I even thought about being a parent, I only prayed for a boy.  My Mom told me that if I had a girl, she would be just like me only worse!! I knew I couldn’t deal with that!!  Once I got to reading the book, it made complete sense why God had the company send me the email about this great piece of writing.  Even being a LOT older than a teenager, there was still some very good information inside about life itself and how women interact with each other, etc.  Just because we are out of the teen years, in today’s culture, dealing with the issues that most girls have to live through, a lot of us are still a part of.

There are so many great things that really make you think in this book.  Some have to do with daily life, school, internet, etc.  One great quote on page 41 says: “If you are not kind on the Internet, then you’re not kind.” by Glennon Melton.  Don’t you wish that even some of your own friends lived by that.  I can’t imagine the difference from when I was young vs. today’s world with all of the negative things that teens hear on the internet, and how it can affect their lives.


As parents, it’s our job to help our teens deal with certain things in life. and also have them go through certain situations, in order to learn.  Ways to do this, include leading by example, rewards, etc.  I love how on page 81, she says: “Parenting essentially boils down to eighteen years’ worth of creative, age-appropriate bribes” ha/ha  That’s priceless!!  Some tell you not to do that, but they are usually the ones without kids, right?  When you want some things done in your home, etc., you might just have to make it worth it for them to do!

This book continues on with so many normal day-to-day life events, etc. that no matter what your family is made up of, there is something that you will learn from it.  Even just being a mother to a son (thanking the Lord for that every day, more-so after reading this and what parenting girls makes you deal with), I learned that we’re all human, we all make mistakes, and we all just need to learn from each other and help each other to grow.  If you’re the Mom of a teenage girl, all I can say is “God bless you – you are one strong woman!” 🙂

About the Book


About The Book

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.

In a book based on her run-away blog post “Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls,” which garnered more than 2 million views in two weeks, Kate Conner calls us to action in Enough. We all have teenage girls in our lives who we love, whether it’s a sister, friend, or daughter. Kate has identified 10 things these girls need to hear today from someone who loves her.

Peppered with wit and laced with grace, Kate’s list tackles relevant issues like Facebook, emotions, drama, tanning beds, modesty, and flirtation. Woven into each chapter is a powerful message of worth that transcends age, and will touch the souls of women, young and old alike: You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.

A former youth-worker, wife to a college minister, and a young mom in her twenties, Conner stands squarely in generational gap, the perfect place from which to bridge it. Conner offers herself as a translator, helping you to speak your teenager’s language and equipping you with a fresh perspective from which to engage your teenage girl—one that may enable her to truly hear your heart (and your wisdom) for the first time since puberty.

To get a copy for yourself, and/or a friend, go to:

About The Author

enoughKate Elizabeth Conner is a 27-year-old writer, speaker, and first generation southerner who spends her days learning braille, counseling teenagers via text message, and adjusting to life in middle Georgia. She is married to a college pastor and has three impossibly beautiful children who only make her crazy 97% of the time. Kate authors a self-titled blog, which received more than three million views in two years, due in part to her viral post, 10 Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls. Kate writes about surviving parenthood, teenagers, and her twenties with her faith and sense of humor intact. She believes in music, coffee, and prose – and in all the world, nothing has taken hold of her like Christ..


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9 years ago

I would love to get this for myself to read as I have young girls now but it wont be long before they are teenagers. This sounds like a great book! If there is one thing I want for my daughters it is to always lean on God and to always know they are beautiful inside and out!

Joanna Sormunen
9 years ago

Sounds like a great book! I also have a son but I might want to read it for myself.

Ellen Christian (@ellenblogs)

This definitely sounds like a great book. I’ll have my daughter check it out.

tara pittman
9 years ago

When my daughter was a teenager I made sure to encourage her all the time. We moms need to be their friends.