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Dock-It Pocket” #TBCCrafters Hop

Okay, raising of hands, who here is tired of plugging their phone into the wall, etc and having it and/or the cord hanging there all messy?  Okay, I see you….and you……  Now, raise your hand if you want a new way to fix that problem?  Sweet, I see a lot of hands!! ha/ha  Sorry, now that school has started, I’m thinking of how our wonderful teachers try and get their students involved, so forgive me!! 🙂  I saw something like this on Pinterest awhile back and could never figure how it was done.  I just figured I would make up my own!

I hope you like it!! Have a blessed day, and please be sure to comment on and share this #TBCCrafters craft!!

Dock-It Pocket Craft

Materials/Tools Used: 

  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Cell Phone
  • Power Cord
  • Cardboard
  • & Time!




Start by cutting off one of the back pockets on an old pair of jeans.  Remember, any time you have jeans with holes in them, etc., most of it can be used for other things!


Next, trim the edges around the pocket and be sure to cut straight up on the edges.  Also, trim the top portion off above the seam that is just above the pocket.  Try and be as clean as you can on the cuts.  You can always go back and clean it up after you have the main cuts finished.


Next, fold the seam above the pocket over and clip the portion of material between that and the top of the pocket.


After you have the initial cut, remove all of the material within this area.


Now if you need to, you can cut a piece of cardboard to make the pocket a bit stiffer.  This will depend on the material you are working with, size, etc.  Once you have all of that done – you can put the plug inside the pocket and plug it in, being sure to hang the top piece over that to hold it.



Hope you like it!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment and let me know what you would do different, or what you would add, etc.  Be sure to tweet, pin, share, etc. – thanks!!



“Listen, what good does it do you if you gain everything—if the whole world is in your pocket—but then your own life slips through your fingers and is lost to you?” –Luke 9:25


All pictures and text are my own and have not been copied in any way.  I, Jamie Tomkins, own and operate Tiger Strypes Blog located at From time to time you’ll hear about my real life experiences or creations with products and/or services from companies and individuals. Let it be known that I have no affiliation with these said companies, and have not received compensation for reviewing or using their service/product. The information that I give regarding the product/service is based off my own personal experience, I do not guarantee that your experience will be the same.





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8 years ago

How clever! And I adore how you chose a Scripture that matched seamlessly.
Here from Two Uses Tuesday.

Kristina & Millie
9 years ago

too cool! love this idea and I am going to make one for my son – I know he will like it vs the usual plastic bottle dock its. Thanks for sharing with our creative challenge link up!

Ellen Christian (@ellenblogs)

This is so cute! I know my daughter would love this for her phone!

9 years ago

I need this one, totally practical and meet my needs. I would make one for myself and one for my hubby. We don’t have to get mad about the messy wires all over the place. Thank for the smart idea!

Rose Powell
9 years ago

I love seeing upcycled projects 🙂 This is adorable.