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             Chiquita Bites

   Bite-Size Treats, Ready To Eat!!


I got to try out the new Chiquita Bites, and loved them.  They are perfect for packing in your school or work lunch, or even just using as a snack during the day.  As always, the Chiquita brand provides freshness, quality and great flavor.  I think I’m going to be using the peeled apples in the future for pie, as well.  I think that would really save a lot of prep time from having to cut, peel, etc.


The bites come in many different sizes and options, so there’s something that everyone will love.  Great for kids, adults and even the horses down the street loved them!!  So happy I got to try these out.  Chiquita has been a brand that my family has loved for years and will continue to purchase for many more to come.


I actually had the idea with the large bags of the apple slices in the picture above, to make a pie with them.  How much easier could making a dessert be, than to have the apples already cleaned, cut and ready?  Thanks Chiquita!!  It was very easy to do, turned out really well and definitely something I will be making again…for home, for potlucks, whatever – it was great!!  Here’s the recipe I found on Food & Wine, but I tweaked it a bit to make it more my style. 🙂

[gmc_recipe 2859]


Chiquita Bites are:
Washed and ready to eat
30–80 calories
A half-cup of fruit or vegetables per serving
A great source of nutrition

Chiquita Bites are available in convenient sizes, including single-serve bags, multipacks, and family packs – great for lunches, salads, recipes and sharing!

Chiquita Juicy Apple Bites

Sliced into perfect bites, our crisp, cool apples are always ready when you are.  Available in: Singles (S), Family Packs (F) &/or Multi-packs (M)

Try these great varieties: · Juicy Red Apple Bites® (S, M, F), Juicy Red Apple Grape Bites® (S, M), Juicy Red Apple Bites® with Caramel (S, M), Juicy Red Apple Bites® with Yogurt (S, M), Juicy Green Apple Bites® (F), Juicy Green and Red Apple Bites® (F) or Peeled Apple Bites® (S, M, F)

Nutrition Facts: Apple Bites are an excellent source of Vitamin C, containing over 20% of the Daily Value. Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of fatigue.

For more nutritional information visit us at:


Chiquita Crunchy Carrot Bites® with Ranch

Crunchy carrots and creamy ranch for dippable delight.  Available in Singles &/or Multi-packs

Nutrition Facts: Carrot Bites with Ranch contain 90% of the Daily Value of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps maintain vision and healthy skin.

For more nutritional information visit us at:

Click below for some great recipes to use these bites with!!


Chiquita Even Has Tips About Getting Ready For


1. Reintroduce a school year bedtime now to help make mornings easier when school starts again.  Each night have your kids go to bed 15 minutes earlier until they have reached their school year bedtime.

2. Promote healthy snacking by keeping pre-portioned snacks easily accessible for your little one – keep fruits, veggies and lunch meat in snack portion baggies on a low shelf in the fridge.

3. Get organized for the school year by clearing out a small space to dedicate to backpacks, jackets and other school gear.

4. Cookie cutters are a simple way to spice up lunch or snack time!

5. Prepare your kids for the mental demands of the school year by incorporating “pop quizzes” throughout the day. Have them spell “banana” as they eat their snack!

6. Toothpicks make perfect bite-size skewers – they’re easy to eat and your kids will love them! Stack various fruits, cheeses and veggies for a convenient, fun lunch.

7. Beat homework blues by designating a special area for homework, make sure it’s quite and stocked with all the supplies your little students may need.

8. Take a minute to surprise your son or daughter with a fun note in their lunch. They’re great for lunches, salads, recipes and sharing!


Enter the Chiquita Moms Rule Back to School contest for a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree and a year’s worth of Chiquita Bites! Simply share your back-to-school tip or trick and you’ll be entered to win!

For official rules visit:


You can also enter to win a Chiquita Thirty-One Thermal Tote to use for school, or work.  Enter your info below and a winner will be picked at the end of the giveaway period.  Thank you for entering, and I hope I “peel” your name as the winner! 🙂

Chiquita Bites Thirty-One Thermal Tote Giveaway

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9 years ago

These look great. I haven’t actually seen the “Chiquita” brand snacks like these. I’ll definitely have to check again. 🙂 My tip is sneaking veggies into my kids lunches one way or another. I have one daughter that loves veggies, and one that is terribly picky..LOL!

Heidi Bee
Heidi Bee
9 years ago

These are so cool! It makes healthy snacking fun!!

9 years ago

Those look so convenient even to toss in a diaper bag for little snacks on the go. Great review!

9 years ago

These look like a great idea for the new school year. We want to start off with healthy snacks and try to maintain healthy habits, so these are perfect!

Shirley ~Light Love Hope

My girls and I are getting ready to go grocery shopping this afternoon. We will definitely look for these items to go into their lunchboxes as school starts back on Monday. My youngest will especially love the apples!

tara pittman
9 years ago

Great contest. I would love to have this fruit for a year.