Establish a Better Connection with this Bible Study Guide 2

bible study
Establish a Better Connection
with this Bible Study Guide
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Do you struggle reading the Bible? Many people do. Despite numerous attempts, you fail to decipher the inner meaning. Several factors, including cultural upbringing, can hinder you from studying the Bible in the spiritual realm. This means you end up reading the bible like any other book.

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The Ideal Bible Study Process

bible studyThe process of reading, hearing, and seeing God’s Word, to receive His message, and understand God’s perspective starts by surrendering and taking time for personal prayer. You may never receive God’s message from the Bible until you spend time in His presence and listen to His voice within your soul. 

Luckily, there are many great Christian Bible Commentaries and study guides to help you make sense of a specific passage. This article guides you on how to read the bible and understand God’s message. 

Follow this process to get the best results when studying your Bible:

Pray before you begin

Asking God for wisdom and guidance is essential. The Bible is an important book, so reading and studying it requires serious commitment. We need God’s help to understand and apply what we read in our lives. Ask God for help in understanding His Word through prayer before you begin studying the Bible.

Choose a translation that speaks to you

One of the most critical points to consider is this: not all translations are created equal. Keep in mind that different versions of the Bible have their own voice (and motivations!).

Some translations are more literal; some are more idiomatic. Some use formal language, while others prefer a more conversational style. Some are older than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. Sometimes a little bit older can be better. Ask your local pastor for advice if you don’t know where to start, and read online Christian Bible Commentary.

The good news is that there’s no wrong way to read the Bible, so feel free to grab any translation and start studying!

bible studyLearn the basics of the Bible

You’ll need to learn the basic teachings, chronology, and history of the Old Testament and New Testament. It is challenging to understand if you study blindly. It’s like a stranger trying to explain something that happened years ago in a country you have never visited! You won’t get a clear picture. 

The same applies to reading through books written thousands of years ago. Without context, it can be confusing or even frustrating to understand.


If you come across a hard verse, try reading the whole book of the Bible or check the verse in another translation. Focus on what is important and avoid reading the whole Bible in one sitting. If you don’t understand something, maybe it’s time to put down the Bible and come back later. Better still, listen to a well-researched Christian bible commentary.

bible study


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1 year ago

Fantastic article and a great way to get anyone started. Thanks for spreading His word!