Make a “Back to School Cake” For Your Teacher 5

Make a “Back to School Cake” For Your Teacher

Well, my son started 8th grade on Tuesday – crazy!!!  He goes to a private Christian school here in the White Mountains of AZ, and with the budgets and issues with supplies, etc., our school sends out a list of things to purchase for the school year and ideas of things if you’d like to donate to help.  I didn’t want to have it be boring to just hand the teacher an old Walmart bag with some supplies in it, so I decided to step it up a notch!! I had seen this on One Charming Party years ago and thought it would be fun to make.  I hope the class can enjoy it for awhile, before they start using it! 🙂

I hope you like it!! Have a blessed day, and please be sure to comment on and share this #TBCCrafters craft!!

divider Back to School Cake

Materials/Tools Used: 

  • (2-3) Styrofoam Wreaths or Discs
  • (90-100) #2 Pencils
  • Lots of Rubber Bands
  • Decor, if desired
  • Glue Dots/Hot Glue Gun
  • & Time!


Start by gluing the Styrofoam wreaths together.  I started with (2), but in the end actually needed to use another.  If you are able to find thicker ones, that might help.  Mine were about 3″ thick or so.


Put (2) large rubber bands around (1) of the Styrofoam pieces.  This will be used to hold the pencils to it, so at this point, doesn’t need to look a specific way.  Just be sure to use one that isn’t too tight and that might break on you, as you are putting the pencils in.  Mine were pretty large and worked well.


Next, start inserting your pencils in however you wish. You can have erasers on top, bottom, or even staggered.  Completely up to you.


After you have all of your pencils in and set evenly, you can then move the rubber bands where you wish and space them accordingly.


Now you can start on whatever you’re going to use for the stand.  I decided on a plate and bowl from the Dollar Tree.


Just glue the bowl bottom to the plate bottom, and you have an inexpensive cake stand.


Next, you can put the “cake” on the stand and start “frosting” it with the rubber bands.


Once you have those all in, and how you like them, you can decorate it with whatever you wish.  This is not necessary, but if you have extra things that will work, feel free to adorn it!


That’s it, now take it to “Back to School” night and bless a teachers’ evening!!


Hope you like it!  Please take a minute to leave me a comment and let me know what you would do different, or what you would add, etc.  Be sure to tweet, pin, share, etc. – thanks!!

“The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.” Luke 6:40

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8 years ago

Super cute ideal! I have a few teacher friends, I may entertain making this one. Visiting by way of Two Uses Tuesday

Kristina & Millie
8 years ago

super cute! love the idea of filling it with the office supplies and tiny apples for the teachers. I am sure they go through TONS of supplies in a school year.

Andrea Kruse
9 years ago

Cute idea! Perfect way to use school supplies available at low prices for Fall. A clever and thoughtful New Teacher Gift.

Rose Powell
9 years ago

How cute is this adorable little “cake”. This would be adorable as a holder for essentials for teachers… Love the embellishments on top! Pinning!