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aetherlightGo On An Adventure With The Aetherlight
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I recently got to play the brand new action adventure video game, The Aetherlight, and post my review here on my blog. Though the game is designed for pre-teens, I even thought it was fun. You get to use problem solving skills and have to think about what you are doing to make it all work. The graphics are amazing, the music isn’t overpowering and the whole story is really fun! By closely following the story of the Bible, but in a steampunk inspired land, players are able to make the connections and discoveries for themselves, and see the Bible stories in a new light.

Do you remember the first time they walked through the wardrobe into Narnia™? The story of Narnia brought a theology into our hands and hearts through immersing young readers in the grand narrative of the scriptures. They may never have been aware, but the story of the Bible told through allegory, impacted the way they viewed this world and their part in it.

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance™ tells the same story refreshed and invigorated to recapture a digital generation with the grand story of God.

But it’s not enough to simply tell this generation a story – you must let them play it.


The Aetherlight effectively engages kids in the Bible by engaging their imaginations and allowing them to explore it in a way never done before, through something familiar to them – a game!

Embark on epic quests! Join the Resistance and work with the mysterious Scarlet Man against the evil Usurper. Puzzle, quest and craft your way through a fantastic steampunk world that is ruled by the self-proclaimed Emperor’s Automatons and smothered by the poisonous fog. The Aetherlight is where point and click meets RPG!


For more information about The Aetherlight click HERE

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Crystal Green
8 years ago

This looks like a wonderful game to play. I considered getting it to review as well. However, I never did see what system it is played on. Is it a PC game or is it available on game consoles too?

I’m confident my boys would jump at the chance to play this game.

Rebecca Swenor
Rebecca Swenor
8 years ago

Aetherlight sounds like a game my nephew would love to play. He dad is a big fan of games like this and they could play it together. I will have to share this with my sister. Thanks for sharing the game.

8 years ago

This sounds like it would be a good game to allow your children to play. There is nothing wrong with learning about religion-no matter which one you follow.