Light Up Your Space With 1000 Bulbs 6

Thank you #USFG for partnering with me on this blog post!
1000 Bulbs

Light Up Your Space with 1000 Bulbs!
#USFG #1000Bulbs
Light up your indoor or outdoor spaces with @1000Bulbs. I got the Patio Light Stringer set and love it!! #USFG @USFG #1000Bulbs #TigerStrypesBlog Find out more at Click To Tweet

I’ve seen ads for 1000 Bulbs online, but have never shopped with them before. When I saw the info about them on US Family Guide, I figured it was a great time to try them out. I trust US Family Guide’s opinions of certain companies, and products that they offer.

I headed over to the site and felt like a kid in a toy shop. There were so many options. Holiday lights, LED panels, and the antique/vintage style (that I love!). I found some patio string lights that I figured would be perfect for our outdoor gazebo. I placed my order online, which was super simple and my package was there in just a few days. That was quick!!

When I opened my box, I couldn’t believe the quality of the patio string lights. I figured that they would be the cord thickness of Christmas lights, but these were heavy duty and super sturdy. Perfect for our cool times of the year and outdoor use. I was super impressed with how they felt and were made. Heading to the garage, I got out the ladder and started attaching the string to the frame of the gazebo. Figuring that they would just be long enough for about three (3) of the sides, I was super excited to see that they wrapped all the way around our 10′ x 15″ gazebo perfectly. Plenty of leftover cord to go down the back pole just perfectly.

Now I only had to run an extension cord to the power source, and I was set!! I cannot wait to have some outdoor parties with these great lights up around us. Before, when the sun went down, it just got too dark to continue to entertain. Now with the 1000 Bulbs set, I can stay out even later. I love them!!

Here are some photos after I got them on during the day:

1000 Bulbs

1000 Bulbs

Here’s a photo that I took in the evening:

1000 Bulbs

Here are some photos after my husband and I had taken the topper off for the winter – I wanted to see if they would still be useful, and they are:

1000 Bulbs

1000 Bulbs

Here’s more information on the set that I got:

1000 BulbsLight up your patio, gazebo, or covered porch with this PLT commercial light stringer with a black 14 gauge wire. Measuring 48 feet in length, this stringer has 15 medium (E26) base sockets spaced 36-inches apart and features both male and female plugs that allow you to connect up to four sets together.

  • Built with eyelets for cable wires to run through in order to support the string lights
  • Suspended sockets; helps to provide better illumination
  • Uses A15 or S14 incandescent bulbs, sold separately
  • Connectable up to 1200 Watts
  • Bulbs Not Included
  • Model #PLT YXL-C1-L15

Make sure you stock up for #Christmas, too:

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Barb Webb
5 years ago

That is beautiful! I need to check these out, could really use some more outdoor lighting for our pool deck area.

Grace Hodgin
5 years ago

I would really like to add some lights in one section of our property so this looks like a great source to use.

5 years ago

This looks so pretty!